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Bringing in a New Wave in Advertising Through Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a world class leader in digital and video marketing services. Through propriety, patent trading and video technology Talk Fusion helps firms grow. Furthermore the products they launch and use are able to change millions of lives across the world. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s top notch products are available in over 140 countries around the globe marketed by independent associates. One key innovation Talk Fusion brought into the advertising industry was the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Talk Fusion was the first firm ever in history to come up with such a product.

Since the world is moving to a digital era where video is an integral part of everyday life, Talk fusion has launched numerous products that use Video as a means of marketing. Video Emails, Video Newsletters, Live meetings and Video chats are some of these products. In the Video Newsletters one can easily customize the platform using different colours and templates. An important use of the video is that the user can also host viewers and get immediate feedback which is very important to any business or firm. Learn more:

Putting aside the digital and video marketing industry, Talk Fusion strongly believes in the act of giving back to the society. In fact “Giving Back” is ingrained in Talk Fusion’s culture. Right from the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina to all the employees, everyone at Talk Fusion is enthusiastic about charity and the dream of helping people. As a company, Talk Fusion supports a good number of charities and animal causes. Furthermore, Talk Fusion’s associates make a positive impact to numerous organizations in their home countries. In simple terms, Talk Fusion fosters great co-operation between them and the community to bring up a positive global change.

Recently, in a bid to offer expert training to Talk Fusion Associates, Talk fusion opened an online training program called the Talk Fusion University. Bob Reina is in full support of the program stating that this business is a team sport and people can only succeed if they combine efforts. That was why he launched the program to teach students such skills and attitude towards the advertising business. Bob Reina is a famous contributor of HuffPost and Martech Advisors, popular for his work ethic, winning mindset and marketing expertise. In the University, Bob Reina takes his students into a step to step guide in order to master video advertising. He also teaches them on how to expose Talk Fusion’s award wining products and services. The ID sensitive University is set to take Talk Fusion to the next level.