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Sawyer Howitt, An Entrepreneur Beyond His Years

Sawyer Howitt is a senior in high school, who has the entrepreneurial mindset of a successful business man. Despite his age, he has been able master many aspects of the business world. Sawyer Howitt uses in depth analysis to determine a how efficient a business operates and what can be altered to maximize efficiency.

He may be young, but his experience is quite extensive for any entrepreneur. Sawyer acted as a business strategy analyst for a RFID checkout, to assist them in redesigning our retail experience with advanced innovative technology. Since then he has been a project manager at the Meriweather Group, a startup who’s goal is to assist clients with the execution of key growth opportunities. The Meriweather Group helps businesses with brand building, sourcing and manufacturing, financing, marketing, and strategic planning. As project manager, Sawyer works closely with clients, planning and executing efficient business models that will ensure their clients nothing but success. Throughout all of Sawyer’s hard work, he has still been able to excel academically at Oregon High School.

Sawyer’s extracurricular activities are just as impressive as his career path. He is a part of the Oregon High school Racquetball team, as well as the Racquetball Club of Portland. In term of giving back, Sawyer has definitely played his part in his community through several philanthropic organizations. Helping causes such as educational funding and women’s rights are just a few ways he has given back. He has mentored trouble youth along with playing a lead role in his International Ethnic Studies Group. All around Sawyer has demonstrated incredible entrepreneurial excellence. His work ethic is extremely impressive and he continues to be an amazing role model for any high school kid. On his way to Columbia as a college freshman, Sawyer Howitt will absolutely continue to rise to the top in anything he strives to accomplish.

The Philanthropic Side Of James Dondero

Highland Capital displayed its humanitarian aspect by donating a million dollars to The Family Place, a charity that assists victims of domestic violence. The announcement was made by CEO James Dondero, at the Texas Trailblazer Awards gala, an event organized by The Family Place. The grant is the highest given by a single entity and will make a significant towards achieving the required amount.


The campaign, named Legacy, had the objective of raising $16.5 million. Speaking on the matter, James revealed that his firm acted after local authorities called for help. Family violence had been on the rise in Dallas and was becoming deadly by the day. He heaped praise on The Family place, primarily for coming up with such an initiative and seeing it through within a short period of just a year. Dondero concluded by expressing his pride for playing an essential role in giving back to the local community.


Paige Flink, the boss at The Family Space, also commented on the subject. He applauded Highland capital, mainly for their relentless efforts in alleviating the living conditions of domestic violence victims.


So far, the initiative has been a great success, with the construction of counseling and recovery center named after Ann Moody. The building houses emergency bedrooms, medical clinics, call centers, counseling rooms as well as job training facilities. Currently, the center is expected to serve 2,000 victims per year by offering them boarding facilities with an additional 6,000 teenagers receiving counseling services on how to avert widespread social violence acts.


About James Dondero


James is the current president of the Highland Acquisition Corporation, a position he has held for slightly over a year. Also, he is at the helm of Highland Capital Management, as well as Nexpoint Hospitality Inc. Additionally, he has served several other prominent firms in his thirty- year career, such as MGM Holdings, American Express, and Strand Advisors.


Besides corporate involvements, James is a committed philanthropist with active participations in supporting education and public policy. James is an alumnus of the University of Virginia, where he received a BS in Commerce. Moreover, he is a certified public accountant, accredited managerial accountant, and a chartered financial analyst.