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Background Information About David McDonald

David McDonald is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Engineering and Human Centered Design at the University of Washington. McDonald’s research concentrates on the design and implementation of systems that help large-scale collaboration. He has published research on universal detecting for behavior change, collaboration in collaborative authoring, circulated supporter systems, recommendation systems, and open use of large screen displays. His research helped in spanning Social Computing, Human-Computer Interaction and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work.

Dr. McDonald earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information at the University of California. At Irvine, UC he was part of the CORPS group. He worked at FX Palo Alto Lab in the Mobile technology and Personal group and AT&T Laboratories in the Human Computer Interaction group. Dr. McDonald served as a Program Officer for HCC, NetSE, and SoCS programs at NSF.

David McDonald the OSI Group president, a chief global food provider that partners with popular brands. He has worked with the OSI for over 30 years and has helped with its tremendous growth.

OSI Group is a leader in giving value-added protein items, such as beef patties and sausage. OSI Group supplies items such as pizza and sandwiches to leading retail brands and food services. The privately held corporation works with more than 50 companies in about 17 countries, and it is at present using its global-effectiveness and local-arrangement strategy to expand its work.

OSI Group regularly engages equipment manufacturers in creating processes that aid in food safety and quality, such as machines with worked in X-ray equipment that detects remote particles. It also plays a more active part with its agriculture suppliers, checking how products are grown.

McDonald explains that giving more to its clients is not limited to the capacity of production – it incorporates the development of goods too. OSI Group partners with clients on the products they need to grow. In return, the partners own particular suppliers that help them get some income. As consumers become more demanding and sophisticated in their food decisions – organic and natural, affordable and premium, healthy and tasty – McDonald says the partnering procedure to give the consumers exactly what they want has become much more necessary.

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Entrepreneur: Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co-founder and Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland. His primary responsibilities are investor relations, fundraising, and financing. Prior to starting Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, he worked in the banking industry for over 20 years. He worked his way up from a commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive board member for a Swiss Private Bank. These years of experience gave him the expertise he would need for his current role with the Swiss Startup Factory.


Beyond taking a huge role in creating a successful company, Mike Baur has had some noteworthy successes so far. First, he had the honor to serve as a jury member at the START summiteer. The START summiteer is a startup pitching competition held at the University of St. Gallen. Second, he was named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. In 2016 he led Goldback Group through the accelerator program and its partnership with Fintech Fusion.


Mike graduated from the University of Rochester New York with a Masters in Business degree; he also has an Executive Master of Business degree from the University of Berne. He invests a lot of his time being a mentor to Swiss youth entrepreneurs. He also supports, both financially and as a mentor, a myriad of startup companies. Not only is he a crucial piece of the puzzle with the Swiss Startup Factory, but, he is also the Director for the Swiss Startup Association. The Swiss Startup Association is the voice for small startup businesses; fighting to make success more attainable.


Swiss Startup Factory is the number one independently and private financed early stage start-up accelerator in Switzerland. Their aim is to help startup companies become global powerhouses. They want to help these businesses to be vastly different than the current norms, products and business models. Not only do they have a three month long accelerator program, that is considered the gold standard; but they also want to have a 360 degree startup service that will give startups all the help and resources they could possibly need. They, as a company, have ambitious goals; and they also help other companies reach their equally ambitious goals.


Sawyer Howitt, Business Prodigy

Sawyer Howitt, although very young in age, is certainly wise beyond his years. He stays physically active by playing on a racquetball team and he also loves to exercise his mind by concentrating on his school work, showing great interest in the subject of business. Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and is currently employed at his father’s business, the Meriwether Group, as project manager.

The Meriwether Group thrives in assisting entrepreneurs and executives with growing their respective businesses. They are more than happy to work with tiny start-up companies, as well as handle the entire needs of a large, well established corporation. The Meriwether Group provides customized services designed to fit the uniqueness of every company.

They can help boost revenue and ramp-up company growth by carefully reviewing and tweaking a company’s business strategies. Remaining open minded about your company’s brand and ideas, the Meriwether Group excels in locating the right consumers for your product and will show you how to implement strategic marketing strategies for your business.

The Meriwether Group offers a variety of accelerator services. They can assist with licensing by offering the correct licensing strategy that will improve sales, as well as your bottom line contribution. Meriwether excels in the retail market and also has extensive experience in kiosk, catalogs, online, and pop-up shops. They can assist with sourcing and manufacturing as well. They can help minimize air freight costs and can offer advice with product costing and product delivery timing.


Mr. Jason Halpern and JMH Development

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Mr. Jason Halpern is one of the principal partners of JMH Development Company. The company has experience in the development of commercial properties across the United States of America. Also, JMH Company is a pioneer in the development of well positioned and unique properties in the desirable marketplaces such as Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. One of the projects that was developed by JHM Company includes the adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara, which is a historic structure. By being a family business, JMH invested more than 500 million dollars in the projects of the New York State. Most of these projects include converting of the warehouse to luxury apartments and development of 184 Kent.

Jason Halpern at Aloft As one of the co-founders of JMH Development, Jason Halpern has experience in juggling the many projects that they invested in Miami and New York. In 2007, Jason Halpern helped his company to complete the development of the Aloft South Beach, which is located in Miami. Jason Halpern always has good visions for JMH Development Company. He recently manages to strike a deal with the Rock point Group and Kushner Companies. The deal was to convert the warehouse for the Wild Turkey bourbon into condos. In the first round of the project, JMH managed to convert the warehouse into 338 rental units. The remaining round was for the Kushner Companies to complete.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and RichardMoreover, Jason made an effort to ensure that his company teamed up with the Madison Estates in the buying of the Brooklyn Heights Cinemas, from where they built luxury condos. As a business person, Jason Halpern has ensured that the professional team of JMH Company is good in every aspect of the construction and development process across hospitality, residential, and the mixed segment of property development. Members of the professional team can combine valuable expertise, development skills, and unique marketplace knowledge.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Use both Charitable and Political Donations to Give Back to the Society

Dick and Betsy DeVos are garnering attention and criticism for their political donations. However, these are minimal compared to their generous charitable contributions, which total to about 139 million US dollars over their lifetimes. As Betsy DeVos’ contributions to education causes and the Republican candidates were being investigated ahead of the confirmation hearings, the West Michigan couple disclosed millions in charitable donations, which they channel through their foundation.


According to the latest report from Dick and Betsy Family Foundation website, in 2015, the couple gave out 11.6 million US dollars in contributions. This is twice the $5.3 million figure donated to Republican campaigns in five years, which was reported to the central government during her Cabinet post’s vetting. In the political arena, the couple has been part of the Republican Party for a long time, but critics argue that they use both charitable and political donations to actualize their concepts of education by advancing vouchers and charter schools.


Forbes put the entire DeVos family’s total contributions at 1.33 billion US dollars, using the data from the family. For Betsy and Dick, their benevolent giving shows that they prioritize education causes. As a result, they gave out more than three million US dollars to educational causes in 2015, which is 26% of their entire donations that year. Moreover, their foundation awarded 357,000 US dollars to organizations supporting education reform. However, their critics argue that schools championed by DeVos family draw off tax money from public schools.


Richard “Dick” DeVos


Dick DeVos (born in 1955) is the first born child of Richard DeVos, Sr. – the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway is a sales company that offers its household, personal care, and health commodities through dealers. Dick started his career at the corporation in 1974 and worked in various positions in the company’s departments. Later, in 1984, he was promoted to the company’s Operations Vice President, to gain experience beyond the firm. Consequently, he left the corporation to start The Windquest Group, which is a company that markets and manufactures closet organizers and storage. Dick remains actively involve in the management of The Windquest Group.


Dick’s father selected him in 1991, to run the Orlando Magic Basketball permit of the National Basket Association, which was acquired by their family. However, his focus was still in the Windquest Group’s management. Afterward, in 1993, he rejoined the Amway Corporation to succeed his father as the corporation’s president. Just one year later, he oversaw the reformation of the global marketing organization. Furthermore, he helped create the Alitor Corporation, which comprised the Quixtar Corporation, the Access Business Group, and the Amway Corporation. Today, he is married to the 2017 U.S. Education Secretary-nominee, Betsy DeVos.


The Capital Group Selects A New Chairman

Many people want to save money for a variety of reasons. Many people choose to save money in the traditional way of a savings account or similar method. However, many people choose to save money through investments. The use of investments to save money has been a popular way for many years.

There are numerous benefits that some people have with investing money over using methods such as a savings account. One of the main benefits is that the interest rates received from investments tend to be significantly higher than the interest rates achieved through methods such as savings accounts.

Interest rates are very important related to saving money because typically the higher the interest rate the more money that can be earned over a period of time related to the money. While placing money in investments tend to produce higher interest rates, there is the chance that the people who make the investments could lose money. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer not to place their money in investments.

For people who want to use investments, one of the best ways is to select a company that can invest and mange the money for people. One of the best investment companies in the investment industry is the Capital Group. The company has a new chairman who is Timothy Armour. The reason the Capital Group had to select a new chairman is because the former chairman James Rotherberg passed away, and the company had a succession plan in place to select a new chairman.

Timothy Armour has a lot of experience in the investment industry. Timothy Armour has worked in several investment positions in his career that includes working as an investment analyst. A graduate of Middleburry College, Timothy Armour has demonstrated with the other positions that he has held at the Capital Group that he is ready to take on the challenge of being the new chairman for the Capital Group.

As one of the leading companies in the investment industry, the Los Angeles based Capital Group has earned a reputation as an excellent investment company. The company is a proven company in the investment industry that provides great investment results for its clients.

José Borghi is one of the Most Influential Advertisers in Brazil

The Mullen Lowe Agency Founder, Jose Borghi is considered as one of the most influential advertisers in the world. According to a recent study in the country, he is indeed the most important merchant. He has created numerous campaigns with great messages like the Parmalat Mammal where children passed as a sign of the current status of politics in the country.

The success of his life began when he started his venture for advertisement. Jose Borghi never knew a career to pursue. For him, studies never meant anything in school at that time. However, one life-changing opportunity came his way when his sister invited him to join an advertisement portfolio in the town. He attended the show and was greatly fascinated by the way the events run smoothly. For home, this action thrilled his heart. When he went back to school, he already knew what he wanted to do in future. For this reason, he pursued his secondary education with passion and succeeded with flying colors. Jose Borghi graduated from high school and secured a qualification to an advertising course in Sao Paulo on

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Jose was born in Prudente. He attended the University of PUC and graduated with a bachelor’s degree n Propaganda and Advertisement. In 1989 he landed his first job, he worked hard to gain enough experience to propel him through his new life as an advertiser. His success was seen in the company. However, it came a time when he never wanted to work for someone. wanted to set his mission aside from career development. Jose Borghi, together with his partner, decided to venture on into an advertising business in the country. While they wanted to start the business, getting financial help and investors was a big issue. He knew he had to make it in life. His passion in advertisement made him relentless in his pursuit of a better career.

Jose had no godfather to help him through his new business. However, he struggled to make ends meet. His fist contract acted as the stepping stone in business. The generated income was invested without paying anyone. His workers fought hard beside him. Jose gained a name and started appearing in numerous shows in Television. For this reason, Jose Borghi’s brand got the best advertisements. Quality has always been his primary pursuit. For Jose, work is garbage if it is not of the right quality. This is the separation point between his business and other brands in the country.

James Dondero Expands Commitment to the Dallas Community Serving on the Executive Board at SMU Cox Business School

President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero announced to PR Newswire the beginning of November 2016 that he now serves on SMU Cox Business School’s Executive Board. The board consist of 100 members who meet three times a year during the spring, fall, and winter to discuss the strategies of the university. He is honored to support Southern Methodist University and helps assist with Cox Business School growth and contributions in the Dallas, TX business community.

Dondero has other commitments to the local community, including the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars and George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. He recently hired Linda Owens to concentrate on the Highland Dallas Foundation which support philanthropy causes, such as education, veterans, and healthcare. The foundation will work under the supervision of the Dallas Foundation to ensure the needs of Dallas and nearby communities are met.

James Dondero is known locally, nationally, and globally as a capitalist, investment advisor & manager, and philanthropist. The University of Virginia graduate co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1998 after establishing Protective Life Insurance Corporation with business partner, Mark Okada. He oversees the operations and business strategies of the Dallas-headquartered equity investment firm.

Not only is Dondero serving on the Executive Board of SMU Cox School Business, but also Director and Chairman of the Board for MGM Studios, American Banknote, NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is registered with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission and manages over $18 billion in assets. He also holds certifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant.

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Duda Melzer Believes In Helping Everyone In Brazil With His Businesses

The most obvious help that is given to people in Brazil is new ways to communicate along with new ways to fund their businesses. It might not seem like anyone can offer both of those things at the same time, but it is possible to get such things from Duda Melzer and his family owned businesses. He is the new CEO of RBS Group, and he also controls a company that funds startups.

The startup funding partner called e.Bricks Ventures has granted money to a lot of places where they needed more cash to continue. A company that gets a gift from e.Bricks Ventures can move on to be a very successful company, and they can prove that they are in the right company to use in their field of expertise. It is easy for people to forget that startups need money, but Duda Melzer has dedicated a lot of money to the idea that a startup can be the next RBS Group.

RBS Group is a large communications group that needs to keep expanding so that they can reach more people with more services to more people. They want to offer better Internet to their customers, and they want to offer better cell phone service to that segment of the population. They also want to be sure that they can make their company larger to offer more jobs to the people that need them.

Duda Melzer thinks that people and ideas are what RBS Group works with best. He does want to fund startups, but he also wants to make sure that there are people who are going to get better jobs from his company. He can help fund more jobs when the startups he helps get going, and he thinks that his hands on and relaxed style of leadership can aid thousands.

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Inspirational Achievements of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the successful and outstanding entrepreneurs from Switzerland. Through his business ability and commitment, Mike has managed to successfully create himself a good reputation over the years in the Startup industry. Being the co-founder of Swiss Start up Factory, he is proud of the successful operations and the achievements that the firm has had. With a strong passion for business and finance, Mike resolved to turn his great passion to a profession. Mr. Baur served the Swiss private banking firm for more than 20 years and here he was devoted to work for companies such as the Clariden Leu. He began his career at UBS serving as a commercial apprentice and was promoted to a better position of being an executive board member of one of the best and largest Swiss banking factories. This was due to his dedication and outstanding performance.

His Investments

Mike resolved to invest in various startup firms after working for Swiss private banking firm for a long duration. This was one of the goals that he had looked forward to achieving. In 2014, he partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister in the establishment of Swiss Startup Factory. Currently, he serves as the managing partner of this great firm. This firm was founded with an aim of helping youths in Switzerland engage in entrepreneurial activities. Mike Baur takes the responsibility of mentoring and offering financial support to enable the young entrepreneurs grow in their entrepreneurial operations.

Academic wise, Mr. Baur went to Rochester University in the New York where he attained his MBA. He went ahead to complete his executive MBA from Bern University. Mike works for CTI invest as the deputy managing director. He is also responsible for all fundraising and financing at Swiss Start-up Factory. He utilizes most of his free time supporting Swiss youth entrepreneurship and this has helped most people. Mike is well known to numerous starts ups not only as a mentor but also a great financier.

About Swiss Start-up Factory

This firm is Zurich based and was started in 2014. With a deep rooted network, this firm has continuously provided amazing startup entities as well as viable opportunities to young entrepreneurs in Switzerland as well as across the globe. Swiss Start-up Factory enables youths with great vision in business fulfill their goals by supporting them. Through a startup program, this firm provides a platform for mentoring, financing, coaching as well as formation of entrepreneurial networks for young entrepreneurs.