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Draw My Life: The Cutest Video Ever

For those of you who don’t know what “Draw My Life” is, it is similar to what it sounds like; someone draws their life story on a white board or paper, with multiple editing cuts to speed of the process, while the person drawing narrates to the audience.

Watching the Wengie “Draw My life” was a particular roller coaster of emotions that gets you hooked. You see this bubbly, exciting girl trace her story back to the humble beginnings many of us can relate to. She was a poor girl in a new country, and that fact alone instantly tugs on your heart strings when accompanied by the cute chibi drawings Wengie creates. Still, what made the video so great to watch is how Wengie talks about her adventures with such happiness. She speaks of her grandfather in a light that makes you smile. You can’t help but say “aw” when she talks about her first airplane ride in the clouds, or her DIY toys. It shows the heart that has always been there in Wengie and makes it impossible for the viewer to look away as she continues the beautiful story.

When Wengie speaks about her time getting a song that took over an hour to download to connect with her crush, it was a moment that made us all laugh because we’ve all been there; doing creepy things with the goal of connecting with our crush in mind. There are so many moments like this in the video that make the viewer feel like they aren’t alone and that there are many human experiences we all share.

In the final section of the video Wengie begins detailing her adult years. When one really thinks about it, this section is also painfully relateable and should be considered sad by all accounts, but somehow it was exciting and inspiring to hear her story and see where she is now. The cute drawings helped keep the video light hearted but it still managed to make you think and understand the value of hard work and dedication.

Hands down cutest video.