Brown Modeling Agency: Keeping An Eye Out For The Best

Let’s face it: every business needs a face. The kind of face representing a corporation, its products and values depend on the business entity itself. More often than not, however, fresh, young and handsome models are in demand to play that part. Also, talented individuals are needed to act in important roles in commercials that have to show companies in the best light. People fulfilling these requirements are not easy to find, but one group of smart recruiters with a discerning eye for modeling potential is on the job: the Brown Agency!

The Brown Agency started out as Wilhelmina Brown when it announced itself to the Austin fashion market in 2010 with a stunning fashion show in collaboration with Linda Asaf, one of the leading designers in the city. Since then, the agency has seen its models and actors being hired by corporate giants for their advertisement campaigns, the likes of which include L’Oreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and Dell. The man at the center of the spotlights of this highly successful recruitment agency, Justin Brown, often reiterates something that every actor, singer, and crowd-pleaser can relate with, which is that they are only as good as their talents can be. Thus, he acknowledges the presence of a vast number of people in central Texas who possess a plethora of talents ranging from modeling to acting and even singing.

It is the tireless efforts of the scouts and recruiters, however, that really pushed these potential stars to the fore, including at various fashion weeks across the United States such as those in Dallas, New York and Miami, the biggest metropolitan centers of the American country. The models and actors at the Brown Agency not only benefit from the exposure they receive and their association with such a thriving talent recruitment firm, they also enjoy the camaraderie that exists in the dressing room and the relaxing environment they are offered, sometimes in the form of massive pool parties to celebrate the 4th of July. It’s indeed a great life for some of the best personalities in the field. They demand a lot, but also offer a high reward to their stars, as it can be seen in the stunning photography’s that they post online.

The Brown Agency does not settle for mediocre: it wants to work only with the best out there. Therefore, if you have the stunning looks and poise to carry yourself well on the catwalk, or if you feel you can wow the audience with your acting skills, do not hesitate to contact the Brown Agency. It conducts an open call every Thursday from 3 to 4 pm in Austin for aspiring performers like you. You can contact their recruiters, so do not miss your chance and show the Brown Agency’s scouts what you got!



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