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The Personal, Education and Career Life of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is one of the most talented fashion branding personnel

She has a high reputation, particularly, for branding within the sports industry. Her career was inspired by her background. Having been born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, her passion for the sports industry came naturally. Then there is the fact that her father was a coach in the area.


Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business. To date, she is actively involved in the activities of the college. She seats on the school’s board of advisors committee.



McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company. Her marketing and business degree earned her a position as a marketing employee in the company. McGalla being a go-getter quickly rose the ranks and was promoted to a managerial post. She stayed with the company for eight years and left in the year 1994.


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When McGalla left Joseph Horne, she got employed at American Eagle Outfitter. From the year 1994 to 2009, McGalla transformed the company to be one of the greatest companies in fashion branding. Again her marketing degree played a very big role in her tenure at the company. Starting out as a mere divisional merchandise buyer for the women wear. With time, she got promoted to the managerial level. She worked in various managerial levels until she was finally promoted to chief merchandising officer of the company’s flagship. This was prior to her promotion to be the CMO and president of the company.


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After leaving American Eagle, she decided to go solo. She started her own business, working as a consultant. She specialized at rendering services to the retail and financial investment companies. Susan McGalla has worked with companies such as Wet Seal, where she was the CEO and Pittsburgh Steelers.


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Role of Sujit Choudhry in Comparative law

Comparative law is the study of both similarities and differences between the laws of different countries. It mainly involves the study of various legal systems that exist in the world such as civil law, common law, Jewish law, socialist law, among others. Even where no candid comparison is made, the comparative law includes the explanation and scrutiny of international systems. In the present era of globalization, internationalism, and democratization, the importance of comparative law has become immense as it aids in the unification of legislation as well as international harmonization which in turn result to better world order.


The lawmakers use foreign law while drafting new rules. Courts of more and more countries draw their motivation from abroad. Comparing legal system is important not only for the comparative law as a discipline but the specific areas of law as well. Despite the comparative law being different from fields such as international law and jurisprudence, it helps the areas achieve normativity. The comparative law can, for instance, assist legal institutions such as the UN to analyze the laws of various countries regarding their treaty responsibility.

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Sujit Choudhry is not only the I. Michael Professor of Law but also an authority on the comparative law that is recognized internationally. He has a broad range of research agenda and also a comprehensive experience as an advisor to constitutional building processes of countries such as Jordan, South Africa, Tunisia, Nepal, Ukraine, Egypt, as well as Sri Lanka.


In his research, based on,  Professor Sujit Choudhry addresses a broad category of issues in the comparative constitutional law. They encompass constitutional design as a tool for the management of the transition from politics characterized by violence and conflicts to peaceful democratic politics; legal models in a society divided in ethnic disparities, secession and decentralization; proportionality and bill of rights; and the building of constitution, among others.


Sujit Choudhry has extensively written on Canadian constitutional law. He has more than 90 published articles, working papers, reports as well as book chapters. He is also the founder of Center for Constitution Transition that in a great way produce mastery in support of constitution building. It achieves this by bringing together leading international network specialists to finish research projects with policies having an affirmation to the practitioners.

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Maggie Gill – Rightly Known As The Face Of The Health Care

Maggie Gill is the CEO and President at Memorial Health, which is an award-winning medical and academic center providing health and medical care services in South Carolina and Southeast Georgia. She joined Memorial Health in 2004 as the Vice President of Managed Care and Finance, but due to her excellent performance and stream of achievements, was promoted to the post of Chief Operating Officer in 2005. She continued to serve the hospital with sincerity, excellence and responsibly, and this made way for yet another promotion in 2011 when she became Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

As the CEO of Memorial Health, she has been providing guidance and leadership to all the Senior Vice Presidents, Physician Leaders and Vice Presidents of the hospital. Her responsibilities extend to many other areas including, government relations, financial assistance, corporate communications, internal audit, physician relations, Memorial Health University Physicians, orthopedic programs, facilities management, Heart and Vascular Institute, Neuroscience programs, strategic planning, feedback implementation, and trauma services. Maggie has helped Memorial Health rise to new heights of success, and under her leadership, the organization has received numerous awards and accolades. It includes Accreditation in Breast MRI a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy by the reputed American College of Radiology, Certificate of Recognition from the world famous American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Stroke Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award by American Heart Association, and more.

Maggie Gill in 2016 was named among the “130 Women Hospital and Health System Leaders” published in Becker’s Hospital Review. She pursued many endeavors to expand the services offered by the hospital to provide better and more comprehensive services to the patients. There was the construction of new physician-led centers, the inclusion of new and advanced medical facilities, acquisition of better and advanced medical equipment and machinery, and new facilities opened, under the leadership of Maggie Gill.

Maggie believes that the foundation of a healthy life should start at any early age and it was under her guidance that the initiative of “Children’s Wellness Program” started. The initiative was to educate kids about the healthy living and habits. She continues to serve Memorial Health with all her heart to ensure patients get the best care always.


The History Behind the Great Waiakea Water

The beverage industry is more concerned with flavored drinks mainly for refreshments. Bottled water is rarely considered a significant player in the industry, yet it is common knowledge that water is vital for human survival. Nevertheless, not all people downplay the essence of bottled water in the industry.

Ryan Emmons is one person who has attached great importance to the health benefits of bottled water, and is making it big in the industry. Perhaps one would term his initiative as a pure combination of adventure meeting entrepreneurial skills. This is because Ryan came up with an idea that explores nature yet at the same time earns income.

According to Forbes, Emmons launched Waiakea water in 2012, just at the age of 22. With the beverage industry dominated by the old entrepreneurs, mostly people between 50 and above, Emmons’ move was risky to but in the end brought high returns.

The water supplied by Waiakea water is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from the Waiakea springs. The water is rich in over 110 minerals, and its PH of 8.8 ensures that it has no sour or acidic taste.

The move by Emmons was seen to be both entrepreneurial and at the same time environmentally friendly because it was directed towards giving back to the community. The company has experienced a lot of progress, having grown up to 4,000% since its inception with an annual growth rate of 170%.

Considering the company’s efforts to conserve the environment, it has adapted environmental friendly packaging techniques through acquiring eco-friendly water bottles for packing. Their bottles are made entirely from recycled materials (rPET).

The fact that it takes 85% less energy to manufacture their packaging bottles is just interesting and highly economical. Being energy conservative and at the same time eco-friendly is what makes the company operations outstanding. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

Rounding up their societal obligation, Waiakea water has developed some sense of giving back to the community. For every bottle sold, 650ML of clean water is donated to water starved communities through their charity partners PumpAid. The donations have mainly been directed towards Africa, and over 500 million liters of water have been donated so far.

2017 Promises Great Things for Talk Fusion

When it comes to momentum, Talk Fusion is riding high with that after what many consider their best year in 2016. That is saying something for a company that has been around since 2007. However, they have earned all of the praise and all of the awards they have earned, especially in 2016. While it is always best to look ahead and see what the future holds and what is around the corner, it is also a good thing to reflect and take the time to be thankful for all that the past year offered. For Talk Fusion, it offered a lot.

Here is the thing, however: they earned every bit of it. They did not take the easy way out and they did not get anything handed to them. They won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing corporation . This is a company with some of the highest standards in the industry. This means that when someone obtains one award from them, let alone two, it speaks volumes. The award for 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award is exactly what Talk Fusion stands for, what they believe in, and what they pride themselves on as a company.

As with any company, they are only as good as their leader, and Bob Reina is the finest leader out there for a tech company. He stays on the cutting edge of voice, data, and chat. That is why he has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are all designed for the new way of doing business and for many people, that is working from home and doing things their own way. It is not that they are anti-authority or hard to work with or anything of that sort. It is the opposite in fact.

They just have different and fresh ideas they wish to explore and share with the world. Thanks to Talk Fusion, now they have all of the digital tools they need to get them out there and make sure they are heard and seen by as many people as possible.

Bruno Fagali is a Litigator for Brazilian Publication Agencies

Bruno Fagali is the foremost Director of Company Reliability in Brazil. He is known for having a colossal quantity of knowledge, concerning the law. Mr. Fagali supervises over the top advertising delivery firm, in Brazil. Mr. Fagali is a valuable component of the Litigation & Principles Trade project. Bruno Fagali conducts his interests on litigating for Civic Legal, Electoral, Obedience & Anti-corruption concerns.

Bruno Fagali labored hard to earn his degree in State Regulatory Law, he has a Master’s in that arena, which he earned while at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. Mr. Bruno Fagali honed his adeptness in Administrative Law, is licensed, by the institute of Brazil, FGV or, Fundação Getulio Vargas including the University of São Paulo. Mr. Fagali’s subject of talent is focused on Civic Administration, first and foremost, to keep away from any inappropriate behavior in the governmental arena.

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The promotional institution, Nova/SB, starts and carries out publishing connections, throughout, Brazil’s extensive area of coverage. Nova/SB is accepted as being the foremost Brazilian institution, to employ a set of connections for the agency, People’s Interest. Nova/SB utilizes this expertise, by placing it on their advertising work. Nova/SB is accepted as the leading, admired, advertising faction, in Brazil. They stay connected to an complete compilation of expert services, which include, creation and broadcast media, from their H.Q. in São Paulo, which is located in Rio de Janeiro and throughout the nation of Brazil, as well.

A recently established, Community Integrity initiative, informs straight to Brazil’s Division of Transparency, this includes, reporting to the Division of Power & Regulation. Nova/SB is the chief innovative agency in their esteemed and unique category, to carry out such a distinctive plan of demeanor, that is linked with anti-corruption laws.

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The Capital Group Selects A New Chairman

Many people want to save money for a variety of reasons. Many people choose to save money in the traditional way of a savings account or similar method. However, many people choose to save money through investments. The use of investments to save money has been a popular way for many years.

There are numerous benefits that some people have with investing money over using methods such as a savings account. One of the main benefits is that the interest rates received from investments tend to be significantly higher than the interest rates achieved through methods such as savings accounts.

Interest rates are very important related to saving money because typically the higher the interest rate the more money that can be earned over a period of time related to the money. While placing money in investments tend to produce higher interest rates, there is the chance that the people who make the investments could lose money. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer not to place their money in investments.

For people who want to use investments, one of the best ways is to select a company that can invest and mange the money for people. One of the best investment companies in the investment industry is the Capital Group. The company has a new chairman who is Timothy Armour. The reason the Capital Group had to select a new chairman is because the former chairman James Rotherberg passed away, and the company had a succession plan in place to select a new chairman.

Timothy Armour has a lot of experience in the investment industry. Timothy Armour has worked in several investment positions in his career that includes working as an investment analyst. A graduate of Middleburry College, Timothy Armour has demonstrated with the other positions that he has held at the Capital Group that he is ready to take on the challenge of being the new chairman for the Capital Group.

As one of the leading companies in the investment industry, the Los Angeles based Capital Group has earned a reputation as an excellent investment company. The company is a proven company in the investment industry that provides great investment results for its clients.

Tammy Mazzocco in Cleveland Real Estate

The primary ethic that Cleveland, Ohio real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco has that has helped her become successful is the belief in herself and her ability to help home buyers find their dream home. She started out in 1999 as a property manager, and she then decided that she could make more money selling real estate as opposed to managing it.

In 2016 the Cleveland real estate market was very good with a very healthy increase in jobs and very favorable interest rates for mortgages. However, around election time the market drooped a bit, and sales in general, dropped off, signaling that there may be rougher waters ahead.

Other thoughts include the probability that the housing inventory in the immediate Cleveland area has become tighter with fewer homes available for sale. There are still plenty of buyers, but the numbers of available properties have become fewer.

Tammy Mazzocco has experienced all kinds of market fluctuations and gyrations, and her approach to it all is to take the stance that you can’t change things over which you have no control, so just work on the things which you can effect change. For example, her initial focus in real estate was to focus on the buyer and find what will work on their behalf and to quit worrying about herself.

Mazzocco admits that she is originally a bit shy, but rather than dwell on that she quickly learned that talking with the client got them talking too and she was able to help them find a home a lot better that way. So her motto became a life strategy of “just be who you are because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

So Tammy Mazzocco continues as a successful real estate professional and Cleveland will be the better for it, as she will sell more Homes and more people will buy a house and stay in town.


Sujit Choudhry and His Contributions in Comparative Law

Comparative law, in its strict sense, is a theoretical study about legal networks by comparing each of the legal systems in place. The comparative law existed in the 19th century after many decisions from different states that legal institutions deserved an aligned and a systematic approach, which would further legal processes, and bring unity and understanding among foreign cultures.
This has given birth to a lot of practical vitality of the rising globalization of world trade high up the sky. For instance, a business executive will be at an upper hand to evaluate the benefits, risks, and the appropriate responses he should use to tackle foreign contract and investment. This reason, therefore, marked the beginning of comparative law’s existence in 1920 at a French Institute in Lyon. The do or die law latter made its successful way in the USA and Germany in law schools to link them with big foreign industries. Its presence also catalyses the codification process within the European Union and harmonizing laws particularly when the existence of a million legal traditions is a reality.
The comparative law medium has also been the mediator in international law trade conflicts. This is evidenced by its nature of eradicating the nationalistic spirit that for several reasons, has to continue frustrating development of international laws. Like for example, one may engage in international trade without the knowledge of the particular national law that will evaluate and regulate their agreements, which usually to a large extent, depends on undecided factors including the federal court to decide on competence issues of a trade system. Hence the birth of comparative law to govern all the legal questions that seem outside a single state jurisdiction to initiate the existence such projects.

On the other hand, Sujit Choudhry is a worldwide recognized Professor of Law officially known as I. Michael Heyman, the former dean of Berkeley Law. Most of his research addresses methodological queries in constitutional transitional design to peaceful, democratic rule, and comparative constitutional laws. Sujit Choundhry is also the founder of the Constitutional Transition Centres, which is the first global university based centre generating and mobilizing knowledge that aids the construction of constitutional building.   Click on this.  Despite being a consultant at the World Bank Institute, he has also contributed in constitutional transition as a foreign constitutional expert in Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and Nepal. Before joining Berkeley Law, he served as a professor at NYU, Scholl Chair, UOToronto schools of law. Sujit Choudhry has a collection of over nine articles, reports, working papers and book chapters. He has also managed to edit Constitutional Ideas Migration (Cambridge,2006), Constitutional Making (Edward Elgar, forthcoming), Dilemmas of Solidarity, Constitution for Divided Societies (Oxford, 2008), Oxford handbooks specifically for Indian Constitution.  Read related articles on

OSI Group Reaches Its 2016 Goals Of Expansion Through Multiple Acquisitions

Headquartered in Aurora, IL is one the largest private companies in America to produce processed and fresh meats and vegetables products. OSI Group LLC set high goals for 2016 to expand its products and services. The meat processor solutions provider closed three acquisition transactions last year for a Chicago plant, Baho Food, and Flagship Europe.

OSI Group was established in 1909 as a family-owned meat market providing fresh meat, and eventually, expanded to wholesale trade. Its growth for over a century is remarkable starting as a small-town business and expanding throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

OSI Group purchased a plant formerly owned by Tyson Food in Chicago, in mid-2016. The facility is an estimated 200,000 square-feet building, which will support continuous business growth of the local plant. After the closing of the plant acquisition transaction, another deal was closed for OSI to purchase Baho Food, in August 2016. The company is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, deli meats, and convenience foods in Europe. OSI acquired its subsidiaries, including Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Henri van de Bilt.

Flagship Europe, a United Kingdom foodservice provider is the company’s latest acquisition to close at the end of last year. The acquisition places Flagship Europe in the position to expand globally into markets, while OSI develops further presence in European countries. All the assets purchased in 2016 are for OSI Group’s growth and to enhance its strong brands and products portfolio.

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