American Idol To End Next Year

It has been announced that the hit FOX show “American Idol” will be coming to an end next year in 2016. The singing competition reality show will be in its 15th year by the time it retires, and it is going to be a sad day for the crew, hosts, and all of the hopeful fans who were hoping to be a part of the show eventually.

In an article found on reddit and written by NBC Chicago, it was stated that there are just too many other music related shows that compete with American Idol to make it not soar quite the way it used to in the beginning of the 2000s. There are going to be many sad people on board with this and it is likely to bring a whole lot of new and old guest stars who wish to be a part of the big farewell.

That makes someone wonder what the lines will be like to get on the show.┬áJason Halpern isn’t really sure what to expect, and those on have no clue either. It is a great marketing technique, as it will obviously draw in several thousands more to try out to be the next American Idol. They are saying that they will keep the format the same as they had it this year, which many people favor over how it used to be. It focuses more on who’s moving forward as opposed to who is getting left behind, so it isn’t quite as negative.

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