A Look At The Achievements Made By Eric Pulier In His Career

The Los-Angeles based entrepreneur has had a successful career. Over the years, Eric has achieved much success in different fields. He has four children.

The graduate of the Harvard University is an active board member of a renowned charitable organization, the Painted Turtle. Lou Adler and Paul Newman are the brains behind the entity’s success in providing children having life-threatening illnesses with a summer camp experience. In addition, Eric is XPRIZE Foundation’s financial donor. This non-profit company engages in designing and managing public competitions that encourage the development of technologies that seek to benefit mankind. The corporation’s Board of Trustees includes notable personalities, including Larry page, Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington and James Cameron among many others.

Pulier has been heavily involved in various philanthropic activities. He donated capital to Starlight Foundation. This organization helps children with chronic illness to interact. More than 75 hospitals in the United States are linked to Starbright World through an innovative video conferencing network. It provides real-time video in a virtual environment. Moreover, he developed a series of interactive learning modules that sought to provide kids diagnosed with diabetes with a Starlight Diabetes experience. The modules, which are educative games, allows these kids to travel through their bodies and see what is happening with the sugar levels in their blood and effects of diet in their overall health.

While he was designing the “Bridge to the 21st Century,” Pulier was featured in virtually all new stations. This multi-day event was well attended by members of the Senate, the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress. Later, Al Gore worked with Pulier in enhancing technology and healthcare. In addition, during Morley Winograd’s tenure as the chairperson of the Center for Telecommunications Management (CTM), Pulier served on the same board for four years. Morley was also Al Gore’s senior domestic policy advisor.

Eric Pulier is a successful author. In 2005, Eric and High Taylor co-authored “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” This book zeros in on technology and business strategies. The two authors use real life experiences from renowned companies in diverse industries. In 2012, Eric published “The Enterprise Industrial Complex” on Forbes Magazine. Here, he discusses about the enterprise industrial complex, which will help companies develop innovative solutions and operate as going concerns irrespective of the global economic downturn.


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