ZeroAvia is a company working on an innovative way to travel around the world, and now is releasing their most recent invention: the Green Hydrogen Octopus. This is ZeroAvia’s first patent-pending piece of equipment that eliminates carbon emissions. It does this by extracting energy from a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, creating a reaction that produces electricity. According to experts at ZeroAvia, this is the only known way to power vehicles sustainably, with zero carbon emissions or noise pollution. Early models have been in use for over ten years, being tested by scientists and engineers worldwide. Still, this latest model (the Green Hydrogen Octopus) is what ZeroAvia claims will be cheap enough to power cars, buses, trains, and boats.


This is all possible because the Green Hydrogen Octopus system utilizes an unprecedentedly low-pressure ratio of 0.1 MPa (about 10% atmospheric pressure). Thus it is powered by liquid hydrogen gas stored at 20K (-253 °C). The heat generated by the nano-reaction produces this liquid hydrogen gas. The only byproduct of this reaction is water, which is safe to drink and can be reused in the Green Hydrogen Octopus system. The hydrogen gas that has been used to create the electricity (which could also power a car) comes back out for use in other applications, such as heating buildings through fuel cells or powering industrial tools (Pitchbook). 




ZeroAvia claims that when the Green Hydrogen Octopus reaches an industrial scale, it will be able to provide nearly unlimited free energy for almost everything we need in our daily lives. 


Many researchers and engineers who have worked with early models of the Green Hydrogen Octopus were skeptical at first, but after testing it themselves, they realized that this device was no hoax; it works and produces zero emissions. This is a significant leap forward from the traditional ways of creating electricity, which still relies on burning fossil fuels, thus releasing carbon emissions and other pollutants into the atmosphere. It is a core value for ZeroAvia. Green Hydrogen Octopus will not only revolutionize how we travel around the world, but it may also lead to one of the most significant paradigm shifts in technology ever seen. The implications for this device are endless, ranging from powering our homes to replacing gas stations. Finally, ZeroAvia has announced that they will be holding demonstrations starting in September at their headquarters located in Montreal, Canada. It’s time for us to take action into our own hands and create a better future for ourselves using innovative technologies like the Green Hydrogen Octopus.


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