Jason Hope is a passionate futurist. He believes in things to come, prognosticating about them with a great deal of accuracy. He shares his views on things to come as an ardent speaker and writer. He also works hard to bring his visions of the future into full fruition. He does this via his ongoing work as an investor, technologist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Three areas of extreme interest for Jason Hope are technology, science and healthcare. The latter intrigues Hope most particularly as it applies to rejuvenating the human body and forestalling its decay. 


Jason Hope


The Internet of Things, often referred to as IoT, was a mere blip on the horizon when Jason Hope saw it coming. Today, of course, even those in the mainstream can appreciate the concept of IoT. IoT postulates a world where every sort of technical device is hardwired into the internet. Currently, Jason Hope states, with the advent of smart technology IoT is fast becoming a visible reality. The truth is, however, that Hope saw the potential for IoT long before it emerged. He continues to envision a world where all forms of technology are connected via the worldwide net. In this world, databases are accessible everywhere. 


Information-sharing on every topic ensues readily, all of it processing and proceeding smoothly at the speed of a mouse-click. Hope’s fascination with anti-aging and the science that supports it subverts conventional thinking. Just as he broke through the traditional entrenched view of things by hailing the advent of the Internet of Things, the activist investor believes in a world where disease and decay are reversed and vigorous human life is extended indefinitely. Jason Hope supports the SENS Research Foundation. The foundation studies an array of potentially rejuvenating biotechnologies. As a philanthropist and a man who puts his money where his mouth is, Hope has supported the SENS cause monetarily. 


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