It is not always easy to face adversity, especially when that adversity calls for a sacrifice. Asot Michael’s father, Patrick Michael, was forced to let go of his business in order to guarantee the survival of the Labour Party. Knowing the sacrifice his father made, he knew he had to emerge himself deeper into the world of the Antigua Labour Party. Critics wish to dismiss Asot Michael, assuming that he is a first world, rich, luxurious “white” guy and shouldn’t have power, but this is all an assumption from opponents. One should not judge someone negatively just for the shade of their skin. 


Especially when considering Asot’s history, he has a record of excelling in school and comes from a past of poverty and struggle.  His successes are not something to be ashamed of or dismissed simply because of the assumptions that follow his skin tone. Consider who he is in the heart and welcome him in yours, for his goal is to see people prosper. He is a man with experience, leadership, empathy, and understanding. If he were not, he would not be so eager to convince you of his reliability (LinkedIn). 


How can you know this concretely? Well, consider his past accomplishments. Asot Michael double majored in Economics and finance, demonstrating his abundant knowledge in the field, backed up by his rich experiences as an administrative assistant, senator, and leader of a government business. What’s even more convincing is his awards as a Dean’s list student, which he was awarded twice.  Pick someone to lead that has experience. Pick someone who is abundant in their life lessons and pick someone who has been through the dark night as Asot Michael has. The only difference you’ll find between him and his competitors is his ability to conquer it, all while being understanding of the other side. Pick someone who doesn’t quit.