An article entitled “Dr. Tim Ioannides On Mohs Surgery, Technology, and Breakthroughs in Dermatology”, discusses how renowned Dr Tim Ioannides played an instrumental role in developing, researching, and implementing many cutting-edge practices in the forward-moving world of Medical Dermatology.

Skin Cancer has remained at the top of the list of cancer ailments in the world. During the winter and cold seasons, many people overlook the imminent dangers and risks of skin cancer. Sun exposure can happen when you least expect it, even in a snowy climate.

Statistics show that in every hour, over people die of skin cancer in the U.S. Debates about the rising skin cancer deaths are hitting, and Dr Tim Ioannides has dedicated his time to create the proper enlightenment. As a dermatologist, Dr Ioannides spends ample time treating and helping cancer patients while presenting preventative solutions.

Tim’s parents worked in the medical field in Miami, where he was born and raised. His father was a pathologist in the University of Miami, Pathology Department, while the mother was an eye technician. Tim’s father founded the dermatopathology laboratory of Miami University, which motivated Ioannides.

Tim Ioannides MD, therefore, attended medical school and concentrated on the dermatology sector. After completing his residency, Tim started his career as a plastic surgery doctor. His journey as a plastic surgeon didn’t fulfil his medical interests, and he later decided to work as a full-time dermatologist.

Dr. Tim Ioannides started his dermatology practice as a skin cancer specialist in St. Lucie County. After two decades as a skin cancer specialist, Ioannides’ practice has established five Treasure Coast Dermatology branches.

Dr Ioannides has extensively unique skills in performing Mohs micrographic surgeries which aim at removing skin cancer. Apart from treating skin cancer patients, Dr. Tim visits the University of Miami as an associate professor in dermatology, hence grooming future dermatologists.

He helps the students in the department with reconstructive and dermatologic surgery instructions and guidelines. Having been in the dermatological sector for decades, Dr. Tim also advises students on becoming established, dedicated and proficient dermatologists. Read more about Tim Ioannides, here.


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