Utility Warehouse is an energy firm that provides all essential home services in a convenient bundle package. Utility Warehouse provides access to broadband, home phone, home insurance and electricity. 

Initially established in 2002, Utility Warehouse is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest and most reputable energy firms. 9 years after being introduced to the public, the firm would go on to acquire two subsidiary companies which would help to propel it to becoming the 7 largest independent energy provider in the country. 

What’s made its success so interesting is that as opposed to spending a vast amount of its revenue on advertising, the company relies on individual agents, and word of mouth in order to remain relevant in the minds of today’s consumers. As it stands, Utility Warehouse has over 45, 000 agents who have helped them to get over 600,000 people to utilize atleast one or more of their many services. Besides providing mobile, broadband, home insurance and home phone services, the firm also gives consumers access to electricity and gas. 

Utility Warehouse has been highly praised for its two-pronged approach to helping families reduce their monthly expenses. First, the company provides a cashback card which can be used everywhere a Visa and Mastercard is accepted. However, as opposed to getting physical cash for their purchases, its consumers are able to reduce their monthly bills from the company. Additionally, the company also enables its consumers to save by providing discounts for getting multiple different kinds of services from them. 

It’s also worth noting and besides providing modern information on effective energy conservation practices, they give customers free LED bulbs which are much more energy efficient than their fluorescent counterparts. When it’s all said and done, Utility Warehouse’s business concept is unlike that of any other energy firm in the UK. Based on the fact that it places a heavy focus on helping consumers reduce monthly expenses, experts believe that the energy firm is here to stay.