When Payam Banazadeh is mentioned in any place of the world, people will always think about Capella Space. The technology veteran became a household name in the corporate industry when he created this institution. Payam got the excellent idea of starting Capella Space years ago when he was still in school undertaking his degree in a facility called Stanford University. At this critical point in the career life of Payam Banazadeh, so much was happening in the world. The international community was handling the loss of an Malaysian flight that had disappeared on its way to China. There were many passengers travelling using this plane. The news had brought everything in the airline department to a standstill. Some people speculated that the plane had crashed in the deep ocean. The experts, however, failed to see any record of the route used by the plane. Payam Banazadeh believed that the world was too advanced in the technology sector to experience such type of news. The connectivity in the airline industry has always been very advanced for such things to take place. Payam Banazadeh got concerned just like everyone else in the technology department. 

Payam Banazadeh sat down to analyze the situation using the skills he had acquired in engineering school. While thinking about the loss of the plane, Payam Banazadeh made several conclusions. The talented entrepreneur felt that the global community was in need of a better system to keep track of the surface of the earth. The system would allow people to understand changes taking place and any issue that might arise in cases of emergency. Payam and his organization came up with the idea of monitoring the whole planet and at the end of the day giving observation data to the people who need to take action. Using satellites, Payam and his team have made a positive impact on the entire planet.