With climate change creating massive ecological problems across Australia in recent years, the government here is eager to support new business models that adopt carbon-neutral strategies and focus on renewable energy systems.

To that end, the Australian government has made available millions of dollars in grants to spur new start-ups and existing businesses that are taking an eco-friendly approach.

Professionals with Grants Assist say that renewable energy grants are, in most cases, made at the state government level. There are some federal grant programs, but the reasoning is that state officials are closer to their local communities and can better make decisions about who can qualify for grants.

Grants Assist is an organization that helps small and medium-sized businesses navigate the grant application process. It’s a full-service group that helps its clients go from step one – finding a grant they might qualify for – all the way to completing the application process and landing the money.

Grants Assist said that smaller community organizations are a particular target for state government officials who make grants. These are grants that range from $2,500 to $12,500. They are used for projects like putting up solar panels, creating solar water handling systems, purchase of batteries for storing green energy, wind energy projects and more.

To be eligible for these kinds of grants, a community organization must have non-profit status, be legal entities in eligible locations and be ABN compliant.

Another targeted sector is farming. Grants Assist said the government provides grants for on-farm energy assessments so that managers can improve their operation’s usage profiles and incorporate new ways to generate sustainable energy. To qualify, farm businesses should have an ABN, spend in excess of $8,000 per year towards energy bills and be located in the state providing the grant. 

Working with Grants Assist helps busy farmers get the money they need without needing to take hours of time to navigate the often complicated grant application procedure.