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Greg Secker and His Impact Upon the World

Greg Secker is a British businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He attended Nottingham University where he studied Agriculture and Food Sciences. After attending university, Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial as a developer for Forex or foreign exchange trading systems. In 1998, he received the British Telecom Award for his efforts in the creation of the Virtual Trading Desk.

Secker was named to be Vice President at the Mellon Financial Corporation where he spent quality time in their trading section and he learned quite a bit from veteran financial traders. In 2003, he retired from Mellon to start his own trading desk which he set up in his home. He was able to do well enough to begin mentoring other is the art of Forex trading and he founded the Knowledge to Action Group which is a marketing organization that sells courses in Forex trading.

According to Greg Secker this is just the right time for people to be trading in the foreign exchange markets. The stock market is up, but it is very volatile with wide swings. Plus it is only open for a limited period of time. Forex is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it has millions of participants on a worldwide basis. The fluctuations are much smaller and the risk of loss is not as great. Secker recommends that no more than 1 percent of a person’s available cash be put on any single Forex trade.

Secker has also founded a non-profit foundation called The “Greg Secker Foundation.” The objective of the foundation is to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible around the world. The foundation partners with various youth programs in order to share positive values regarding education, life skills, leadership, and other community building programs.

Secker has spoken all over the world to emphasize that younger people can take their future into their own hands and develop abilities and skills to set a proper course for a fulfilled life. He has spoken all over Europe, South Africa, Australia and the Philipines.

Secker has been listed on the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” for the year 2017.

Rocketship Education Sees Future Expansion

A very important responsibility that all parents have in common is finding a way to provide a good education for their children. Due to the high expenses of providing a good public education system, many school systems that are located around the country do not have the resources necessary to provide the education that these kids deserve. For many, it would be a good idea to consider another education alternative. One of these would be to send a child to a charter school.

Today, charter schools offer a range of different educational benefits that are not provided by standard public schools. One of the reasons for this is that many charter school programs receive better funding from sources outside the public tax system. For those that are looking to send their kid to a charter school, one great option would be to send them to a school operated by Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education is a brand of charter schools that is now located in markets all over the United States. The school concept was first developed during the 1990s by a select group of Administrators and public school teachers. These people were looking for a better way to provide good education to students. Due to the limitations of the Bay Area Public School System, the group of educators decided that they would open their first Rocketship Education location in 2007.

While Rocketship education started small with only one school in the city of Oakland, the concept of the charter school system was applauded and award-winning. Because of this, the charter school program quickly gained a reputation and many cities across the area requested that they open up a new school in the area. Today, the charter school program has expanded greatly. They now have 16 different locations that are found all over California, Nashville, Washington DC, and the walkie. In total, the organization has more than 8,000 students that range from kindergarten through fifth grade. In general, the district has continued to see students succeed in school and beyond. The school alumni has a great high school and college graduation rate.

All About OSI Industries

OSI Group is a private owned holding company of meat processors. OSI Industries was founded in 1909. The company’s headquarters is located in Aurora IL. OSI Industries products include but are not limited to pizza, fish, vegetables, hot dogs and meat patties. OSI Industries is a very successful company, it has a revenue of 6.1 billion dollars.

OSI Industries’ Employee Overview

The Chief Executive Office of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. The President of the company is David McDonald. Kevin Scott is the Executive Vice President and Sherry DeMeulenaere is the Senior Vice President of the company. In all, OSI Industries have a total of 20,000 employees. This company also has 50 different organizations in seven-teen different countries! Forbes has named OSI Industries the 58 largest private owned company.

Looking to Expand

Recently, David McDonald, the President of OSI Industries informed the public that the company was looking for different ways to grow. McDonald thought of an excellent idea to bring diversity to their products, which resulted to in increase of sales. The company has added organic foods to the list of products they produce. With this plan, the company expects to grown and maintain business in the 16 other countries where their organizations are located. It is evident that in today’s world more consumers are striving to eat healthy, OSI Industries are using their best efforts to bring healthy affordable food into the market. In addition, OSI Industries will always be a popular company because they have a standard state of the art method to provide quality food. OSI Group ensures that the quality of their food will remain great and safe to eat. To guarantee this they use modern technology when processing the food.

OSI is a Well-rounded Company

Even though OSI is a very large company, they still manage to give back to those in need. OSI Industries has a very positive relationship with the Ronald McDonald House. They have also managed to maintain a positive relationship with many more popular charities like Feeding America. OSI Industries have been increasing their sales and quality of products that they produce, while doing so they have also been helping people in need, which is a great sign for humility.

In conclusion, OSI Industries is a great company! They are defiantly on their way to the top!

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Traveling Vineyard is Combining Your Love of Wine with Fun

According to the article on the NORCAL.NEWS, if there is one thing that the Napa Valley county is popular for, it is wine. The region boasts some of the greatest lands for growing grapes; it’s celebrated worldwide because of it. People have always known Napa’s wine to be great, but there’s more to Napa Valley than just that.

Rather than going the route that is taken by newcomers and most tourists, change course to the paved road to tour all the enthralling sights and sounds Napa has to offer. Some of the best things that the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides love doing in Napa in addition to drinking wine are:

Strolling Along the Napa Art Walk

For people who love 3-D art, they should drop by the exhibition of Napa Art Walk. The popular event is featuring the works of minds that are creative countrywide sets the spotlight on magnificent sculptures of all types your eye could even discover a piece that you might visualize sitting in your house front yard.

Going to Napa Valley Historical Society and Dig Up the Past

If you are a history buff, and you’re wondering what the Valley was like some hundred years ago or even what kind of people lived there during its early days, you will find most of the answers when you visit the famous Napa Valley Historical Society. It collects physical pieces of the past of Napa and invites the public to research into the details. You can sign up for lectures or tours that are led by local historians to get an enriching experience that you’ll never forget.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is located in Ipswich coastal town, Massachusetts. It’s a company using a platform of direct selling of wine tastings that are in-home for members. Traveling Vineyard was established in the years 2001, and in the year 2010 Richard Libby purchased the company and restructured it. It’s marketed using almost 5,000 Independent representatives.

The representatives of Traveling Vineyard, known as Wine Guides, usually pay one-time fees and then as a response, the company often sends them a Success Kit that has materials for wine education (including notes on food pairings and individual wine varietals). Also, they get tasting glasses, sample accessories, as well as ten wine bottles for the initial tastings. Additionally, the company provides website setup plus access to training as well as support.

From the time that they get their Success Kits, the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides get excited to share their passion for wine with their communities. By doing that, they build friendships as well as great memories while they grow their income and get recognized plus rewarded for their accomplishments. At Traveling Vineyard, they are transforming the way people are experiencing wine while they change the lives of their Wine Guides for the better.

Lime Crime Does it Again – Bringing Back Polly Pocket Classic Style

I love a brand that isn’t afraid to be bold. Hence, that’s why I am one of many Lime Crime lovers that has been described as “cult like” by many. Lime Crime’s line of makeup and beauty products are absolutely fabulous and totally safe for vegans.

Lime Crime has a saying – they don’t release a product that their team isn’t absolutely crazy about and they know fans will be crazy about too. Their latest release has definitely done just that.

Lime Crime just dropped the coolest eyeshadow palette I’ve ever seen: a five pieces palette that looks exactly like our beloved 1990s Polly Pockets!! If you don’t know what a Polly Pocket is, stop reading and Google it immediately. You’ll find some of the most adorable children’s toys you’ve ever seen. Polly Pockets are an entire little world for Polly all inside an adorable bright plastic case. As my favorite 1990s movie It Takes Two would describe my love for these new Lime Crime palettes, it is a “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kinda love.”

As cool as these little guys are, I’m honestly never surprised when Lime Crime drops a new product at how immediately obsessed I am with whatever they’ve recently released. I’ve been a user of their lipsticks forever and as they continually expand their offerings it seems that each product is cooler than the last. Their lipsticks are some of the smoothest, softest and best made I’ve ever used.

While I don’t dabble in the hair products they offer due to my boss’s strict hair color policy, their offerings of fun and bright colors like purples and blues are absolutely amazing.

Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere, is quite the entrepreneur. Her brand is an absolute reflection of her and she openly admits she was genuinely surprised at how many women the bright and bold colors resonated with. It turns out that women everywhere were desperate for a way to express their style with makeup that was actually of great quality and didn’t look like something you would buy at a Halloween store.

Check out Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes on their website or at any Sephora location – rolling out mid September!


Talk Fusion: The Company For The People

One of the most amazing things about Talk Fusion in a long line of amazing things is its longevity. The fact they have been able to be around for this long and grow each and every year, it shows what kind of business they are running and what they are all about as a company. They are about changing people’s lives and they are about changing them for the better. It is a big reason why Bob Reina is offering 30-day free trials to new customers ( He has been the CEO and founder of the company since it launched in 2007. The goals have remained the same: impact people’s lives for the better.

With this 30-day free trial, Talk Fusion is going to be in the hands of even more people, which is great news for everyone out there. They get to fully experience Talk Fusion in all of its glory. This is a video technology company, which allows people to start a business, grow a business, and make it profitable. In fact, Bob Reina sees himself in a lot of his customers. He was a former police officer before making a career change. If someone sets their mind to something, there is nothing to it but to do it. That is how it works.

They can see how their social media presence is going to grow and how it is going to be better than ever. They are going to reach so many people at once. The more people they reach, the better. It is all about getting the product in the hands of the people and letting them see it with the video chats and video emails. Once they see it, they will know they are for real. For many people, they struggle to be seen and heard. With Talk Fusion, that will never be a problem.

When one thinks of their video newsletters, it allows them to reach a wide-ranging group of people at once. That is a great way to save time while still expanding the business as well. Time is valuable and is always used wisely on Talk Fusion.