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Ricardo Tosto Explains Brazilian Legal Theory

In Brazilian jurisprudence, there are several legal theories about what constitutes a crime under Brazilian law. More specifically, there are three main schools of thought. The first theory is the four-part theory, which holds that a crime is made up of four distinct elements: facts typifying the offense, illicitness, guilt (similar to mens re in common law), and a legal basis for punishment. Today, this theory has been virtually discarded.

The second theory, which is one of the two main camps in existence today, is the three-part theory. The three-part theory holds that crimes are made up of the facts typifying the crime, illicitness, and guilt. Although this is the predominant theory in Brazilian law today, there is a third theory.

The third theory holds that guilt is automatic where the facts of the case fit the typification of the act and the act is illicit. Therefore, Ricardo Tosto this theory holds there are two elements to a crime, the facts of the case and the illicitness of the act. The third theory is similar to strict liability in the context of common law, where mens re need not be proved.

Ricardo Tosto is an expert in several fields of Brazilian law. The attorney is the managing partner of one of Sao Paulo’s leading firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates. In additino to handling criminal cases, Ricardo Tosto expert in credit and Brazilian financial law.

As one of Sao Paulo’s best known litigators, Ricardo Tosto has been recognized by a number of legal publications. Ricardo Tosto’s firm has been at the top of the Sao Paulo legal field for over twenty years. His law degree is from McKenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo. He also holds a diploma in business administration.

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The CEO And Chairman Of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin

The recognition of Mr. Lavin Sheldon to a larger extent follows occupying the post of the OSI Group’. This complements his work at the company as well as the Chairman. The reason behind the prosperity in his undertakings is the fact that his headship is made up of the tactics as well as appropriate plans that are related to the OSI International Foods Ltd.

Sheldon also currently carry out the role of the Medical Center of Rush University’s General Trustee. This follows his earlier service at the post of the Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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Up to this time, Sheldon Lavin has been giving service in the meat industry field for a period exceeding forty years carrying it out as a career. Notably, he has put his expertise as well as abilities to the OSI Group and prospered. Given that he is a shareholder in the company, he helps in the management of the resources of the firm with the aim of enhancing the appropriate operation of the business undertakings. To complement his prior service as a banker, he provides services alongside monetary consultation. It is significant appreciating his utilization of his post at OSI Group to being about the firm’s transformation in the search to realize a step that is more profitable, and this is what makes it a universal food products’ distributor. At the global satellites of the OSI Group, he works as the manager.

Over a significant period, he has been involved in the company’s administration. While working at the company, he enhanced job creations exceeding 20,000 across many countries. This often encourages him to keep progressing positively. In consideration of the ways of dealing with different circumstances, many trust him alongside giving the appropriate advice over the same. Many recommend his headship as it encourages inclusive and has no dictatorship at all because the staff takes part in the procedure of company decisions. This serves as an indicator that he makes good use of the labor workforce under his administration effectively.

Additionally, the firm became universal in 1975. With time, Sheldon has enlarged the business to many continents and has won several awards due to his capabilities.

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Todd Lubar- Successful Business Man and Mentor

Todd Lubar has been successful in the business world thanks to his own personal experiences. He has been within the credit and finance world for the last 20 years. It is his biggest ideal to help those who need help in finding their own ambition to start their own business venture. He has been quite successful in helping others to understand what their goals are.

For many people, they only dream about being successful however the ones who are sincere, Todd help to make their dreams real. It is with his own personal experience in finance that helped him become an expertise for the real estate scene. He has helped to bring profits to those in the business world which is why he became president for TDL Venture. Visit for more info.

Todd Lubar wants people to know and understand that reaching a level of success and privilege is not an easy task. It is not as simple as most people think that it is. It was a while for him to become profitable in the business world and once he reached that level, he had to keep going at the same pace in order to remain successful.

When you first start out, business deals can go horribly wrong from the start. When this happens, you have to be willing to get back up and shake it off. As long as you do not allow for it to keep you knocked down, you can bounce back rather quickly. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar offers his knowledge to those in the business field by letting them know that there is a lot of knowledge out there to help you in the business world. The trouble is finding the right sites to help you. For every one site that you find to be authentic and helpful, there are ten more that do not. You have to pick and choose which ones are the right fit for you and your dreams. That is why it is so important to learn as much as you can from mentors such as Todd Lubar.

As long as you follow his steps and his guidance, you can also be successful in business endeavors.

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Cancer Treatment Centres of America; Focussing on Improving Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centres of America, also referred to as CTCA, consists of five hospitals that tend to patients that are ailing from cancer in America. CTCA has its head office in the city of Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, Florida. The national -for-profit organization was founded in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson after his dissatisfaction with cancer treatment options for his ailing cancer mother.

CTCA is inventing a custom technical solution which shall provide Eviti an access to Allscripts’ Sunrise Electronic Health, EHR, workflow records. Eviti is NantHealth’s clinical support option. CTCA is carrying out this project in conjunction with Allscripts and NantHealth to fruition. This Clinical Pathways project shall be used to aid the process of treating cancer without interfering with the workflow of the physician through fluid integration. NantOS, the clinical operating system of the direct interface, was created with the assistance of numerous oncology specialists and has a large collection of data for the evolving cancer care.

George Daneke Jr., the Chief Medical Officer of CTCA, states that Clinical Pathways was created to rid probably guessing by physicians that are not up to date with oncology nor new research data. He also adds that they have made a broad range of treatment options for their patients to select from. Clinical Pathways merges the latest cancer research, therapies, and treatments inside Allscripts Sunrise EHR, which in turn helps the physician to provide appropriate care to the patient.

The platform provides options such as custom treatment regimens, treatment cost comparisons, average treatment cost, clinical history data, computerized entry, real-time function, and much more to ensure the patient gets the appropriate care they deserve. The project idea came about at the beginning of 2016 in a bid to help the providers as well as patients to benefit from the project’s efficiency. All three of these companies are top-flight players in their focus areas. That is why this is seen as such a powerful alliance which has raised hopes and expectations of better cancer care.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Coaching Career Keeps on Getting Better

According to Yanni Hufnagel, coaching is a calling rather than a career. No matter the situation, Yanni would hold on to the faith that his dreams were still valid. He would peruse through the basketball guide books, keenly analyze the tactics, and assimilate them using basketball figurines. Later, Yanni got a job with the local television of calling teams. Due to his knowledge and in-depth analysis of the game, it was clear that basketball was his passion. His partner said that one would predict that Yanni would either be a coach or a game commentator.

Yanni got admitted at Cornell University and immediately became the basketball manager in his first year on campus. His dedication and commitment were unmatched. While on summer break, Yanni got an internship opportunity as an assistant coach with New Jersey Nets. His career path got clearer every day. After four years of continued success and commitment, he got linked to Jeff Capel, an Oklahoma coach, who later invited him for an interview as an assistant coach.

In 2009, Jeff recommended Yanni for the head coach position at Harvard University. Yanni scooped the volunteer assistant coach position and immediately started hiring potential players into the team. His outgoing personality made him hire many players who depicted interest in the basketball game. He was not afraid of disappointments from some players refusing his invitation to join the team. At last, Yanni had a team of talented players who he coached and saw them win many awards.

Yanni Hufnagel is a world class coach as well as an excellent recruiter. He has been coaching for a long time earning a good reputation in the basketball field. Yanni adores discipline and hard work, the virtues he inserts and teaches his players making them the best in every attribute. He holds a BSc in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Oklahoma.

Bruce Bent II as a Successful in financial investor

Talking of successful entrepreneurs, you cannot fail to mention Bruce. He is an experienced and respected investor for the great achievement he has made in the investment industry. He has overseen the innovation of short-term management assets, money and cash related solutions to broker-dealer, trade markets, qualified plans, and banks. Bruce Bent II has more than 60 patents for his products, which has brought a great revolution in the industry. Through his leadership, the FDIC-insured cash management has transformed into an enormous industry with more than $1 trillion transactions.

At Double Rock Corporation

Bruce is currently the CEO, vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation from 1991 to date. Double Rock Corporation is one of the leading financial technology companies. The enterprise provides financial services products in tailored with the latest technology. Mr. Bruce is in charge of overseeing all the company’s operations and is a senior executive to all corporate subsidiaries of that firm. He is tasked with the responsibility of establishing business and organizational goals for the aggressive growth of the company.

His Consulting Career

Besides his role at Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is also the owner and founder of B2 Consulting LLC. In the company, he serves as a consultant, advisor and occasional investor in startups in various industries. Due to his experience acquired in the financial services (close to 20 years), he is highly sought-after. Bruce has built a good reputation in the financial and consulting industry. This has earned a position to the panelist to many mutual funds and other financial services patent.

Additional Responsibilities

Bruce boasts of being a member of the Young President’s Organization. This is a peer network that connects over 10,000 young business leaders across the world. He serves as a mentor to influence and help young business professionals establish their business and launch their ideas.
Bruce has also served as a chairman to Gotham chapter Manhattan; he was also a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization in New York. Additionally, Bruce served as the president of the advisory council Scenic Hudson. This was an environmental organization and a land trust that its primary objective was to preserve, conserve, and rehabilitate the Hudson River and its riverfront back as a public and natural resource.

Sawyer Howitt, An Entrepreneur Beyond His Years

Sawyer Howitt is a senior in high school, who has the entrepreneurial mindset of a successful business man. Despite his age, he has been able master many aspects of the business world. Sawyer Howitt uses in depth analysis to determine a how efficient a business operates and what can be altered to maximize efficiency.

He may be young, but his experience is quite extensive for any entrepreneur. Sawyer acted as a business strategy analyst for a RFID checkout, to assist them in redesigning our retail experience with advanced innovative technology. Since then he has been a project manager at the Meriweather Group, a startup who’s goal is to assist clients with the execution of key growth opportunities. The Meriweather Group helps businesses with brand building, sourcing and manufacturing, financing, marketing, and strategic planning. As project manager, Sawyer works closely with clients, planning and executing efficient business models that will ensure their clients nothing but success. Throughout all of Sawyer’s hard work, he has still been able to excel academically at Oregon High School.

Sawyer’s extracurricular activities are just as impressive as his career path. He is a part of the Oregon High school Racquetball team, as well as the Racquetball Club of Portland. In term of giving back, Sawyer has definitely played his part in his community through several philanthropic organizations. Helping causes such as educational funding and women’s rights are just a few ways he has given back. He has mentored trouble youth along with playing a lead role in his International Ethnic Studies Group. All around Sawyer has demonstrated incredible entrepreneurial excellence. His work ethic is extremely impressive and he continues to be an amazing role model for any high school kid. On his way to Columbia as a college freshman, Sawyer Howitt will absolutely continue to rise to the top in anything he strives to accomplish.