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Let Wen by Chaz Take Care of Your Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy and thick hair. It is quite unfortunate that not everyone has achieved this. There are many reasons as to why your hair does not look as good as you wish it could. Here as some tips on what you can do to make it better.

  1. Keep it moist

Try using coconut oil and castor oil. These oils will not only add moisture but also help to lock in the moisture in your scalp. They also help in keeping dandruff away. Also, take a lot of water. It can never be too much.

  1. Understand your hair type

This will help you in choosing the products you need. Products may be doing wonders for others and not be good for you at all. If your hair is not so strong, you may want to reduce the use of blow dryers and flat irons.

  1. Consider supplements

Sometimes the problem is from within. You can visit a doctor who can prescribe some supplements.

Wen by Chaz Dean Products are also here for you. The products include shampoos and conditioners among others. The Wen shampoo is unique. Chaz found out that the lather in shampoo makes the hair dry and weak. He sought to find a solution to this, and he did. His shampoo is made of natural products such as eucalyptus, lavender, apples and bananas just to mention a few. This will leave your hair glowing and feeling fresh.

Chaz Dean began developing products for a salon he worked in. It took him over nine months to come up with his first product. He actually tested these products on his hair. This only shows just how good the products are. When he saw the good effects, he started using the products on colleagues and clients. He asked them to give feedback on the products. The products are available from major retailers such as Guthy-Renker and Sephora.

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Talk Fusions New Plan For Italy

Talk Fusion has made an announcement to make a trip to Italy available for dedicated associates. This is one motivating award for people who are working on building their business with the use of Talk Fusion. People who are successful with the use of Talk Fusion will have a ton of benefits from the company as well as the app. Talk Fusion has definitely made it for not only people that are trying to start up a successful business, but people that are already making progress. Now, there is a new promotion for people to visit Milan Italy. This is something that people will enjoy.


One of the reasons that Milan is worth visiting is that it is one of the fashion capitals in the world. For one thing, a lot of people get to look at some of the interesting forms of fashion for both men and women. The shoes are especially something that people get to admire for the creativity and style that is put into the footwear. In order to be able to participate in this promotion, one has to be an associate. This makes it not only a very interesting business opportunity, but also a goal that is worth considering.


Talk Fusion has made a lot of impact in the business world. People are now more encouraged to start their business, but they also have more tools that will speed up the process of selling. Talk Fusion has been founded by Bob Reina, who is someone that is very interested in helping people. He is especially focused on bringing assistance to entrepreneurs. He is very interested in helping people who are working hard to be successful. He believes that they are the ones that deserve the most assistance. They do not sit around and depend on hand outs.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Developer Extraordinaire

It would be a gross understatement to say that Jason Halpern is just a real estate developer. Jason was born to be a real estate developer. His family has worked in the profession for generations, spanning multiple decades. Like many legacies before him, Jason began working for the family business at a young age. He learned all the family tricks and secrets he would need to excel the company like his father before him. Finally, in 2010, Jason took control of JMH Development, the family business. It’s one of the most renowned real estate development companies in the country.


With Jason at the helm, JMH Development is skyrocketing toward being the number one real estate development company in the world. They just recently had $500 million invested in their New York state projects, some of which are still in progress. One of JMH’s most talked about projects is turning an old warehouse into a 340-room luxury apartment building. JMH Development is one of the leading developers in turning industrial areas into high-class residential areas. It was Jason Halpern’s JMH Development that was responsible for the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. They added 9 luxury townhouses to the Brooklyn area, which was already a booming community.


The company’s latest project is located in the heart of Miami Beach. The project, Aloft South Beach, was started in early 2015. JMH Development excitingly announced that they would be topping off the building soon; bring the project to its completion. They have worked alongside other reputable companies to insure that the Aloft South Beach project is completed in a satisfactory and timely fashion. Both JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures, one of the partnering companies, excelled in reusing and adapting the historic Motel Ankara to their benefit. They added a brand new eight-story tower to the complex, bringing into the here-and-now. Overall, the construction was done by Plaza Construction, along with the architect of the project, ADD, Inc. Together; these companies brought an old relic back to life. This new hotel will be the first newly constructed hotel that has opened in the South Beach area since 2009.


What truly makes JMH Development such a success is the full-service they offer to their clients. Within the development company is a vast wealth of experience as both developers and owners. They partake in the development of major residential and commercial properties over the United States. The company takes such innovative approaches to the projects that no other development company can create the kinds of distinctive properties that JMH creates. All of the properties that JMH works on are in the luxury category for a good reason.aloft-and-jason-halpern

James Dondero Expands Commitment to the Dallas Community Serving on the Executive Board at SMU Cox Business School

President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero announced to PR Newswire the beginning of November 2016 that he now serves on SMU Cox Business School’s Executive Board. The board consist of 100 members who meet three times a year during the spring, fall, and winter to discuss the strategies of the university. He is honored to support Southern Methodist University and helps assist with Cox Business School growth and contributions in the Dallas, TX business community.

Dondero has other commitments to the local community, including the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars and George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. He recently hired Linda Owens to concentrate on the Highland Dallas Foundation which support philanthropy causes, such as education, veterans, and healthcare. The foundation will work under the supervision of the Dallas Foundation to ensure the needs of Dallas and nearby communities are met.

James Dondero is known locally, nationally, and globally as a capitalist, investment advisor & manager, and philanthropist. The University of Virginia graduate co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1998 after establishing Protective Life Insurance Corporation with business partner, Mark Okada. He oversees the operations and business strategies of the Dallas-headquartered equity investment firm.

Not only is Dondero serving on the Executive Board of SMU Cox School Business, but also Director and Chairman of the Board for MGM Studios, American Banknote, NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is registered with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission and manages over $18 billion in assets. He also holds certifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant.

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Top Technology Staffing Firm Diversant Led by John Goullet

Diversant is a company that specializes in providing staffing services for companies looking for information technology workers. The firm has been around since the mid 1990’s and has established itself as one of the top companies in its industry. This firm emphasizes the values of diversity, discipline and teamwork. With these values, the firm will help a number of technology professionals find the employment and career opportunities that they seek. It also helps a number of different companies find the ideal technology professionals for its departments. Diversant works within its staff and its clients to make sure that they are able to facilitate the ideal employment arrangement. As a result, Diversant has proven to be a leader at helping both technology professionals and companies reach their goals.

John Goullet is the current principal of Diversant and has been leading the firm for two decades. As principal of Diversant, John has established the firm as a leading source of placing top technology professionals with companies looking to fill positions. With his expertise, Goullet understands what it takes to succeed in the technology field as well as what technology procedures need to be followed in order to maximize efficiency. By adopting the organization’s core values, Goullet has led the firm to provide expertise, advice and feedback to both technology professionals and companies. As a result, both parties will often be in great position to get the ideal arrangement that best meets their goals.

Prior to becoming a business executive, John Goullet worked as a consultant for a number of companies that specialized in computing. He would provide advice and feedback about computer systems, hardware, software and what technologies are most efficient. This would help a number of companies stay up to date on current computer technology. Once the mid 1990’s came around, Goullet realized that there were many companies looking to hire technology workers. This was a golden opportunity for him to start up a company that can be quite lucrative. He founded his own staffing firm that helped companies hire technology workers. Goullet would later merge his company with Diversant and then be appointed as its current principal.

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WEN by Chaz Succeeds in Manufacturing Sulfate-free Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean founded WEN in 1993. The hair treatment line aimed at developing natural hair products that did not contain harsh chemicals or sulfates like the sodium lauryl sulfate. Use of WEN hair products leads to moisturized, strong, shinier, smoother, and healthy looking hair. Their products include the WEN Anti-frizz Styling Crème, WEN Cleansing Conditioner, WEN Nourishing Mousse, and the WEN RE Moist Intensive Hair Treatment among others. WEN has different hair care products that protect hair from frizzing and losing its shine & color during the summer season. The hair tends to frizz and get dry during the winter cold, and Wen provides products that keep the hair moist and soft.

Before starting his brand, Chaz Dean worked as an assistant to the manager at a salon in Beverly Hills. He worked on the colors and highlights at the salon. Chaz also had the responsibility of creating a deep conditioner and a natural hair product for the salon’s line. It is from this that he derived his interest in developing a lather-free hair conditioner. He later purchased a high-end salon in Bel Air where he introduced his brand that he had spent over five years developing. The salon attracted a lot of celebrity clientele who awed at the idea of cleansing the hair without lather.

The 5 in 1 Wen hair cleansing conditioner serves as shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, entangle, and leave-in conditioner. The conditioner is manufactured using glycerin, which moisturizes the hair, Chamomile and Rosemary Extracts that contains some soothing properties. The Wild Cherry Bark helps in conditioning the hair while the Panthenol strengthens it. While using the WEN conditioner, use 10-16 pumps of the conditioner for short hair, 16-24 for the medium size hair, and 24 to 32 pumps for the long hair. To maximize on its use as a leave-in conditioner, apply a small amount of the conditioner to the hair ends while it is still wet. Visit the WEN Hair official Facebook page to learn more.


Gooee LED Lighting Is Perfect For Homes

Gooee LED lighting is something that a lot of people need to try when they want to get lights that will last longer. There are many people who are desperate to get lights that they do not have to change all the time. A lot of people are scarred by the fact that they have to make sure that they can get the lights that will last a long time. Someone who wants to make sure that they can get the things that they need will be able to get all the resources that are required with no problem at all.


The LED lights that people pick out have to be picked out to be used in a place that has a special purpose. The person that is trying to make their office better will have Gooee Smart lights installed that will last forever. They might actually forget how long it has been since they got the light bulbs. The bulbs are very easy to replace if they need to. There are many people who are going to learn how to get the things that they can use that make the space better.


The space that people are using needs to be set up to help them get the results that they need related to the kinds of services that they offer. Someone who has set up their house or office the right way gets just what they need all by having the fixtures and the bulbs from Gooee installed today.