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WEN BY Chaz Does All The Work For Beauty Blogger Seeking Shiny Big Hair

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger with lousy hair, and she’s not afraid to admit it. It’s fine, limp and a bit frizzy at times. Like many of us, she battles her crazy mane daily, but no matter how big the shampoo lather is, her hair still falls flat.
One day, she was doing a little research and stumbled onto WEN by Chaz, the famous brand that uses zero lather and zero sulfates to create beautiful, healthy hair. So, she embarked on a 7-day hair journey, using only WEN by Chaz and reported her findings to Bustle. She even posted hair selfies and kept a hair diary.

WEN by Chaz was a super choice made by this beauty blogger. Chaz Dean created the original no-poo method, and he knows plenty about hair. He happens to have a solid reputation in the business and as a long-time stylist to the stars. He lives an holistic lifestyle and believes in the purity from nature’s plants, so he used that approach to invent his amazing WEN by Chaz brand.

His line of luxurious cleansing conditioners don’t use any kind of chemical. Chaz Dean’s formulas are rich in nature and make any hair type shinier, stronger and manageable.Dean sells his products exclusively on Sephora and Guthy-Renker.

Emily noticed right away, that WEN’s formula is kind to hair and allows each strand to boost its volume. When she blow-dried and styled after using WEN by Chaz each time, her mane looked like a Hollywood star. Her close girlfriends saw the soft new texture, gloss and movement and wanted to know Emily’s secret.

Emily’s only advice on using the WEN by Chaz system is to wash every morning and not skip a day. That helped her reach the ultimate results.

Taking time to blow-dry and style also makes a major, gorgeous difference.

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One Reporter Finds Help For Her Fine Hair From Wen By Chaz

Women have hair that comes in various shapes, sizes and textures. Some women have thick hair. Other women have curly hair. For those who have fine hair that may lack body, it can be hard for them to find the kind of hair care products that will help with this potential problem. Such hair care products are on the market today. As one YouTube blogger found out, there is help for her own hair, hair that she knows is limp and often lacks body. She has found it easier to get fullness for her tresses with the assistance of a new group of products on the market right now.

Her Results

As she reports in a recent issue of Bustle Magazine, she was able to use Wen By Chaz hair care products for a few days. Each day, she took a picture of her hair and how it looked after using the hair products. She provides her readers with a picture of her own hair and what she did to take care of it each day. She was very pleased to note that using these items led her to get hair that just felt really good under her fingers when she was brushing it.

New Products On The Market

Many new lines of hair care products often come on to Amazon. Right now, the hot new product line is Wen By Chaz. Wen By Chaz has been specially formulated in order to help offer a new line of hair care products. Those with fine hair will find that they can pick from various kinds of possible hair care choices via Wen By Chaz.

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George Soros Sells His Holdings In 3 Biotech Firms

George Soros is regarded as one of the most experienced hedge fund managers. While working for Quantum Fund, Soros generated more than 30% returns a year. This way, he crushed the broader markets.

His fund, Soros Fund Management, is closely watched around the world. George Soros retired in 2015. However, with over $4.6 billion of assets under its management, Soros Fund has a real influence on the market. Most investors keep tabs with the fund’s quarterly sells and buys. Biotech investors are concerned about the Soros Fund’s quarterly transactions given that it sold its entire holdings in Novavax, Gilead Sciences and iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology.

This information was mentioned on the 13F filings of Soros Fund made with the SEC in the second quarter of 2016. Irrespective of this scenario, investors have compelling reasons to purchase all biotech equities. This year, iShare Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund reported poor performance. This is because of the political issues surrounding drug prices. However, the headwind is expected to fade when the presidential election in the United States wraps up. It is believed that the biotech fund will rebound in 2017.

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Gilead has been stumbling because its hepatitis C medicine has not received success in the market. Harvoni is at its peak. However, with the expected growth of the medication platform, biotech stocks will fetch good prices in the market. It would be unwise to follow Soros Fund’s footsteps regarding the three-biotech firms. It is impossible to know why Soros Fund Management sold its shares in the three firms. Investors should thus zero in on long-term and fundamental focused strategy instead of following the footsteps of different Funds.

George was born in Hungary. The 86-year old billionaire fled the Nazis in the 1940’s. He made his way to England where he joined the London School of Economics. After graduation, he flew to the New York City. Here, George Soros was recruited at F.M, Mayer, which is a Wall Street brokerage firm. After gaining adequate experience, he set up his own hedge fund, the Soros Fund, in 1973. Initially, it was known as Quantum Fund and after a while, it changed to Quantum Fund Endowment. Soros ranks as one of the richest people in the world. Because of his vast wealth, he has been an active philanthropist.

George Soros is the chair of both the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. The former operates in over 100 countries. He founded the Open Societies foundation with the objective of enhancing the values of open society as well as transparency and human rights. He is the author of numerous books. In addition, George writes essays and articles, which are published in different magazines and newspapers around the globe. Most of his literature focuses on the society, economics and politics.

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