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Single Parent Follows Her Dreams To Become Top Surgeon

Jennifer Walden is one of the leading surgeons in the area of Austin Texas. She is a single mother that spent a large amount of her life in Texas. She went to high school where participated in the high school soccer all-star team. Jennifer also did some writing in school. She was very popular and had a lot of friends. She made her decision to go to college to become a surgeon. Her parents were always very supportive of her decisions. After she completed her college education and medical school, Jennifer took a job in New York. Her job landed her a position working with a doctor in Manhattan. The ear, eye, and throat surgeon was very dependant on her for teaching other doctors what their office expected.

After several years working with the doctor in Manhattan, Jennifer made the decision to become a mother. She underwent in-vitro and got pregnant with twins. The boys were born and nothing has been the same since. In 2011, the decision was made to go back to Texas to raise her sons. Her family and friends were still in Texas and Jennifer knew her way around the area. Jennifer was voted to be one of the top surgeons in American, she won the American Women’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic Surgery award.

Jennifer is part of the plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Texas. She also is part of her own new satellite office that is open for business. She is not afraid of speaking in front of thousands of people. She blogs online and is always trying to explain the things that are according to their bodies needs. She makes time for her family but is very busy with her career and her special appearances on shows like ABC and specific talk shows. She also appears in the American Airlines Magazine as an expert on specific topics. This single parent is making a big name for herself as one of the top surgeons in America.


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5 Reasons Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Have the Best Lake Tahoe Skiing

Lake Tahoe provides some of the best ski terrain in the United States, and at the top of list for best ski resorts is Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows! While the stunning scenery and world-class skiing are tempting, add these five reasons to visit to your list today!

* 1 Pass, 2 Parks- Since the two resorts merged in 2011, skiers can enjoy the powder on the slopes of both resorts without having to buy additional tickets or passes. Don’t worry about driving back and forth between parks as transportation is provided between the two, with plans in the works to connect them via a gondola in the future.

* Plenty of Land to Ski- Both resorts offer visitors enough land to explore and ski over an extended vacation. There are 6,000 acres of skiable land, eight peaks to conquer, over 270 trails to explore and 44 lifts to get you there and back.

* A Bit of Olympic History- Squaw Valley was home to the 1960 Olympic Winter Games, a legacy that it has cherished ever since. Visitors can explore and embrace that history with a visit to The Village, the beating heart of Squaw Valley and the premier resort to stay at during your skiing adventure.

* Enjoy More Than Just Skiing- The Village offers more than just a ski pass when you need a change of activity after a day on the slopes. Unwind with yoga, rock climbing or swimming.

* Or Enjoy a Wilderness Retreat- In contrast to Squaw Valley’s fast-paced life, Alpine Meadows offers a more relaxed stay, with rustic chalet-style lodges and a focus on the mountains and the gorgeous views.

Squaw Valley at is under the direction of CEO Andy Wirth. Wirth has enjoyed a long career in hospitality and land stewardship, and Squaw Valley and the Lake Tahoe area has benefited from his presence in the area. His contribution to Squaw Valley has helped shape it into the ideal ski resort that it is today, while continuing to improve the resort and helping the community.

In 2011, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows merged together as one. The two resorts combined offer skiers the best of Lake Tahoe skiing. Both resorts work towards environmental betterment for the Lake Tahoe area as well as working closely with several non-profits and the local community.

Wen By Chaz is a Top Hair Care Product

The hair care product was recently tested by a woman who was looking to see how good it really is. During one week she used the product to see how effective it was and found out that it met a lot of her hair maintenance needs. Over the course of the week of testing she determined that it is an all in one formula that helped strengthen, repair and style her hair. After testing the product for one week she recommended it and believes that it is ideal for those who have hair that is very thin and fine.

Wen hair By Chaz is among the best hair care products on the sephora beauty market due to its effects. When using this product you will be able to experience a number of positive things such as shiny hair, stronger hair, flexibility and also improving its overall health. This product makes your hair look more shiny and therefore allows you to stand out more. Your hair will be stronger as well and will be more much less likely to get damaged. Wen by Chaz also provides flexibility by allowing your hair to be styled more easily. Lastly the hair product will improve the overall health of your hair by providing it with a lot of essential nutrients. With all of these benefits anyone looking to use Wen by Chaz will greatly improve the quality of their hair.

When looking to use Wen by Chaz you will be getting a hair care product that provides you with total beauty. While most hair care products are a shampoo and conditioner, this product does more than that. With Wen by Chaz you will be getting a product that nourishes, treats, cleanses, styles your hair. Therefore you will be able to meet all of your hair care needs with only one product. This will be able to save you time as well as money.

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