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Suddenly CCMP Capital Mourns Its Former Boss Steve Murray

CCMP has lost one of the best deal maker and a terrific investor they have had in their company. The company former chief executive officer left the office a month before he passed away due to health related problems. He was the company president for a very long time and is largely responsible for the success of the company and its predecessors. Steve Murray lost his life in March 2015; Greg Brenneman succeeded him as the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital and he has also been working as the chairman of the company. Greg was saddened by that loss of Steve and the CCMP Capital partners to. He also pointed out the void that Steve’s family is feeling now especially his wife and children because Steve loved his family more than anything else.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global equity investor firm located in North America and with holdings in Europe. The company started in 1984 and has made profits of up to $16 billion since its initiation. The company was known as JP Morgan Partners back in 2006 when JP Morgan bought its holdings. Its partners are also investment advisers running private equity investments; in 2007 CCMP was ranked position 17 in the list of the world’s largest equity funds. The initials CCMP means chemical ventures chase capital, Manufacturers Hanover and partnerships which are the main focus of the company. It has also invested in very many portfolio companies.

Ex-boss Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has worked in the company for a period of 16 years. He was the CEO when CCMP was known as JP Morgan Partners, and he succeeded Jeff Walker to his past position. Murray has been private equity investment for over 30 years, and it is a field that he understood so well. He made Stephen Murray CCMP Capital successful and its predecessors too. He was great in investment and making deals. CCMP Capital recent boss Greg refers to his style of investment as terrific. Steve had participated in numerous board meetings before he left the company after health complications. His life as the CEO in CCMP Capital was a great thing for the company. He passed away at the age of 52 years, and CCMP feels sorry for his sons and wife.

CCMP thanks to Murray is handling its investments completely well. Their art in building portfolios in equity investments for a company is something to reckon with. The company targets to develop many other global markets as it has in America and Europe. CCMP has a very powerful value creation model and top-notch management that has created for the company team and its partners a great reputation in the whole world. Of its two strengths are industry expertise and proprietary operating resources hence increased profits for the company. The company partners also work as a team something promoting their productivity in the market.

Real Estate Predictions State The Importance Of Brooklyn To New York

The New York Daily News has recently looked to give its predictions for the coming year for the real estate market of the city. One area of importance that will continue to rise in 2016 will be the rise of Brooklyn as a major geographic area of importance for those working in the industry; interest rates are expected to rise in 2016 to create a slower real estate market as buyers take longer to decide on the perfect home to buy, and others stall on take the plunge into buying a new home.

The best positioned NYC luxury real estate agencies are expected to survive the expected fall in the real estate market as they look to the huge number of rental units being opened in Brooklyn. Town Residential finds itself in a strong position for the coming year because of the investment made by CEO Andrew Heiberger into the development of agents in both the sales and rental markets.

Heiberger is well known to those who follow the real estate industry for his role in creating some of the best known luxury property real estate companies in the world; Town Residential has a large number of agents experienced in the marketing of luxury properties, but also looks to non-luxury sales and rental properties.

The rise of Brooklyn as an important rental market is expected to be of specific interest to baby boomers who are now looking to return to New York City after seeing their children leave home. The rental market in Brooklyn is expected to include a number of special offers and deals for new buildings now opening, which will see increasing levels of reduced rents attracting those who would normally buy a property. The need for a prime location will continue to be of major importance for all renters and buyers in the city who will be looking for the best options for their real estate needs.

Beneful a Quality Brand of Pet Food

Beneful pet food is my dog Ollies favorite brand. I tried other brands but she refuses to eat them. Her coat always looks shiney and healthy. When Ollie hears the sound of the bag open she starts to jump around and wiggle her tail getting all excited and ready to eat. The sound of her paws scratching my hardwood floors gets me every bit as excited as she is. I can barley get the food out of the bag before she’s digging in to her bowl.

Beneful believes in using only the best quality products to produce pet food. Beneful cares about pets and strives to offer the best product for there daily nutritional values. Beneful test each ingredient that they use by the quality control team before going into production. Beneful offers both wet and dry pet food to customers. Beneful pet food is produced in top quality production facilities using only the finest of production equipment. Beneful stands behind it’s products 100%. They offer pet food for pets that may have weight control issues made with real fresh chicken. Beneful by Purinastore produces food that will have a natural flavor that your pet will love and beg for more. They also produce pet food for older less active pets who may have a slower metabolism. Beneful also carries dog treats in several different flavors including beef flavor. Beneful makes quality and nutritional pet food with your pets health and saftey in mind. The majority of Benefuls production team are pet owners and lovers and they are true believers that Beneful is a premium quality pet food that your pet will just love.


How Australia’s Top Asian Beauty Guru Got Her Start

Popular social media platforms like Youtube and Twitter have become a way for people to showcase their talents and hobbies to people all over the world. Many people take to YouTube just to be helpful but some manage to find fame in the process. Take Jenna Marbles for example, her hilarious rants and comedy skits began as a way for her to express herself a few years ago, and now her channel is loaded with videos with over a million views. Though ‘Marbles’ is the name of her dog, the persona of Jenna Marbles has become a household name and the young comedian has made an entire career based solely off the decision to record herself and upload her skits to YouTube.

However gaining fame through YouTube can be considered easier it takes true talent, charisma, and dedicating to become a successful internet icon. Wendy Huang, the sole operator and creator of Australia’s number one online Asian Beauty Channel, received recognition on YouTube for recording tutorials showing make-up tips and tricks that work on women of Asian decent. By focusing on a group that is often left out in the media, both in Australia and America, Huang was able to develop a close knit community of young girls and women who benefited from her shared advice and techniques. Originally her blog was created as a way to connect with clients she met with while working at a digital media company. Since she often told her clients it was best if they ran their own social media she decided to create a blog herself.

Wengie’s videos cover hair styles, fashion, make-up, make-up reviews, and even recently a tour of her new apartment and how she chose her decor. The recent trend of Korean beauty products has given Huang new material to cover, and her recent videos include in-depth reviews on Korean products and if they’re worth buying. From a single YouTube channel to a widely recognized beauty blog The Wonderful World of Wengie now has pages upon pages of helpful tips that cover all aspects of fashion and beauty.

Wendy Huang Creating a Huge Following

YouTube is such an incredible platform. You can find everything and anything you want to know about on YouTube. Looking back to when Google initially purchased YouTube for a stunning $1.65 billion, today that price looks astonishingly cheap. What’s also amazing about the platform is the amount of fame, fortune, and celebrity that it has generated for it’s famous YouTubers. The “Charlie bit me” video which is a clip of two little English brothers one of which gets his finger bitten by the other has garnered almost a billion views!

Wendy Huang aka “Wengie” is a famous Australian YouTuber that has one of the top channels in Australia and is growing on a global stage. She specializes in fashion, lifestyle, health, and social media marketing. The key to her undeniable success story is her ability to connect with her audience and bring them insightful product reviews, beauty tips, and health advice. Her videos are entertaining, but also deliver content that people want and need. One of the things that has definitely gained her a great Asian following is her Japanese and Korean cosmetics reviews and tutorials. Wengie has Chinese roots and an Asian ethnic appearance and because she seeks to relate to similar people in her age category and profile, she’s become very popular with the Asian community.

Besides her amazing YouTube channel that has now acquired nearly a million subscribers and over 50 million views, she runs a successful and well followed blog and also has nearly 200K Instagram followers. Having acquired a in-depth knowledge of social media marketing, she now consults with several large companies on their marketing strategies and is forming new business relationships all the time.

Wengie is also the CEO and founder of Style Alley, an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade your vintage clothing that you no longer love or have use for. She also is the co-founder and Product manager for UniMi Cosmetics, which is a bueaty company that combines two brands of cosmetics into one and helps eliminate the unnecessary footprint of cosmetics to create a balance collection of must haves.

Flint, Michigan’s Contaminated Waters


So, the lead in Flint, Michigan’s water is a major catastrophe. An entire city exposed to water contamination for 2 years, before being informed is hurt-breaking and unacceptable. Children have been exposed to high levels of lead – 15 parts per billion to be exact – and the fact that lead is one of the leading causes of learning disabilities, attention disorder and motor coordination is a big step back from our nation as a whole. What exactly does the government do, now that the city of Flint has been exposed to contaminated water for years?

Since the recognition, bottled water has been the main source of water for residence, donated by people like Sergio Cortes. The government did make an attempt to fight back against contaminated water by providing filters that removed 15 parts per billion of lead. Many residents kindly accepted, but what about the two years prior of consuming the contaminate water without these filters? Around 8,000 children under the age of six were exposed to the contaminate tap water – The futures, the health and their abilities to be playful – as children are – could possibly be affected and is there a way to counteract these possibilities? It is appreciated that the government has provided the city with stronger lead filters, but are they also providing the contaminated with proper medicine.

As the city fights to clear the contamination from their waters, families are educating their children about the harmful effects of their water. Government officials are taking proper measures to inform the city on this matter, although residents and advocates have expressed outrage over their failure to protect the city’s children. As this crisis continue, the residents of this fine city continues to fight for the health benefits of water.

Hiring a Wikipedia Writing Service is Good for Any Business

Any business owner who is thinking of publishing a Wikipedia page is thinking clearly. Wikipedia entries do have the potential to help with internet marketing. Business owners probably should think about hiring a writer-editor or a team of writers-editors to handle the task.

Wikipedia writers are a very enthusiastic lot. This enthusiasm is on full display at West Virginia University. Hoping to increase gender equality and women’s contributions to Wikipedia, an “edit-a-thon” has been organized. The goal of the event is to expand the percentage of women writers beyond the 10% threshold it currently maintains.

Once again, events such as these do show just how enthusiastic Wikipedia writers and editors are. A business definitely would benefit from such serious and committed writers. Outsourcing writing tasks to talented professionals should result in a page to be proud of. If you’d like to learn more about how to make a Wikipedia page, visit the following link:

Hiring a Wikipedia writing service is more than just procuring the talents of skilled professionals, although that is important. Handing over the duties to a writing service removes time-consuming responsibilities off the shoulders of those who work for the business. Small businesses with small staffs – if any – are going to find contracting out work to be the more prudent decision.

And then there is the matter of style. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. The writing submitted to the site has to be direct, to the point, and free of personal commentary. Even accidental violations of the terms of service means third-party edits are coming.

Aesthetic mean a lot, too. A flair for words is critical when creating any type of promotional material. While it is true Wikipedia business page creation is not like writing poetry, a good writer can have a nice way with words that brings out the true brilliance of the material. This allows the reader to truly feel there is something of value associated with the subject. A person gaining such a feeling after reading an entry on a historical subject may want to continue to do more research. A person reading about a business could very well think about becoming a customer.

Get Your Wiki is a writing service that takes all the responsibilities associated with writing Wikipedia contents. Clients procuring the services of Get Your Wiki do not have to write or edit anything. The professionals at the service do all these duties and more.