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Why Is George Soros Predicting A Repeat Of 2008?

The global crisis of 2008 was a time when nearly every market in the world collapsed on itself. Nearly every country in the world went into recession, and the crisis lasted for several years afterward. George Soros is the man who famously made a billion dollars trading on the British pound, and he is a financial genius who sees similarities between today and 2008. This article explains George’s feelings as expressed in an article by Bloomberg.

#1: George Is Not A Fan Of Avoiding Problems

George Soros is able to point at specific things that happened in 2008 that had lingered for a long time. Every one of these problems is occurring in the world today, and George does not understand why analysts do not see the parallels. He has spoken to international groups about his views, and he is using his voice to bring attention to the problems people in power must address.

#2: Why Are The Chinese Faltering?

China has been growing for nearly two decades as they became an industrial power, but the country has not changed its growth plan. The growth plan in China must change to match the times, and George remembers when they did not change in time for the 2008 crisis. China is the most important economy in the world as it affects every other economy in the world. Their currency known as the yuan must be fixed, and George hopes that their government will move faster in this current iteration of the problem.

#3: The EU Is Falling Behind

The EU Falling behind the times as it fits the migrant crisis, pays off the Greek debt crisis and suffers through growing pains. Half the countries in the EU want to leave because it is managed badly, and George wants to see leaders in Europe make changes to the way they manage their countries. World leadership is needed to ensure that the world economy does not fall apart, but George can remember a time when European leaders were lax in their approach to financial issues.

#4: Is George Correct?

George could be correct about the similarities between 2008 and today, but there is no way to know until the world economy makes its way through 2016. The world economy could begin to collapse again, and market experts will begin betting against success. There is a possibility that George’s words reach the ears of enough leaders, and the problems will fade away with better leadership.

George Soros is more than qualified to speak on economic matters around the world, and he wants the world to notice that he has seen this pattern. His views on the global economic crisis must be seriously before it is too late.

FreedomPop Flourishes Under New Investment, Expands Internationally

FreedomPop has already started to change the mobile communications market with their ‘free’ services, and they continue to grow with the demands of their customers. The company has recently received investments totaling $50 million from a private investor to help reach new demographics and launch new, international products. FreedomPop will provide one-time purchase hot-spots that can give free data to users in over 25 countries, and they will also sell SIM cards for a small initial fee that can access free calls and data throughout many regions of the globe, starting in Europe.

FreedomPop CEO Stehpen Stokols has not yet revealed the source of the investment, stating that the investor is a large private-equity group in the process of negotiating their acquisition of another company to integrate with FreedomPop. It has been rumored that this same investor is also working with Uber, a transportation company valued over $60 billion.

Even without help from investors, FreedomPop has been making serious headway in the communications industry. Their practice of supplying all communication services through data allows them to be much more flexible in their pricing, sometimes only charging for physical products and more advanced services. They aim to make the most basic services free, as long as you have the device to take advantage of those services.

What makes FreedomPop different from other MVNOs is that they only buy data from carriers instead of data, messages, and minutes, like most other virtual operator companies. Additionally, they don’t prepay, meaning that their customers get the lowest price possible without having to worry about overuse charges. By taking advantage of this technology, FreedomPop has started to work with their data suppliers to create more useful, customer-friendly networks, and by doing so they have increased their own brand awareness and revenue stream.

According to Stokols, the expansion of FreedomPop into the global marketplace has been met with open arms. They already experience a conversion rate of about 45 percent, noting that at least 30 percent is required for success. Currently, SIM cards for the UK market are sold out due to their popularity. It has been estimated that over 1 million UK users will exist within a year, and the total number of current users is already well over 1 million, in both the US and UK markets.

FreedomPop plans to continue expanding into new markets, and its technology will keep advancing to meet the ever growing demands of the customers. The plans is to enter at least 40 countries by the end of the year.

Music Really Can Be the Best Medicine

Anyone dealing with long term medical care has probably heard quite a lot about what the best medicine is. Obviously the absolute best medicine is, well, actual medicine. But there’s a whole host of chronic conditions which don’t have conventional treatment. Those who suffer from them and those who love them alike are always searching for new ways to come to terms with those maladies. And they’ll often find help in quite unexpected places. But one of the most recent is also both one of the most effective and the most unexpected. And that’s the fact that autism research has found a valued allies in rock music. And all of that is thanks to a charity known as Autism Rocks.

Or, one might be more accurate in saying that it’s all thanks to the founder of Autism Rocks. Because it’s hard to imagine such results from anyone other than Sanjay Shah. But to understand why that’s the case one must first look into both his life and the charity that he founded. Sanjay is one of those people who always seems to have something going on. Many, even most, people are easily defined by a single role. But Sanjay’s one of those people who always seems to refuse to march to the beat of any drummer but his own conscience. As such he’s created an identity for himself that seems to transcend simple roles and labels. Some of the biggest multimedia stars in the world would label him as a friend. Businessmen would be quick to note that he’s the president and CEO of Solo Capital. But the only label that really comes closest in terms of accuracy is one that’s understood best by his family. And that’s the fact that Sanjay is a family man.

This love of family is the whole reason why Autism Rocks came into being. Because Sanjay isn’t just a father. He’s a father to an autistic child. And this has made a huge difference in how he sees the world. Because the biggest lesson that any parent of an autistic child learns is that worldview can be of immense importance. Autism is, at the core, a medical condition which imposes a certain way to see the world. Those on on the outside are forced to play a game of catchup to understand just what the autistic see. But people like Sanjay realize that the best way to do so is through medical research. Sanjay’s charity allows people to donate money to autism research by funding private rock concerts. And by doing so everyone is able to do something really amazing. Every singe person involved is able to have fun while also creating a bridge of understanding between autistic people and those on the outside of the condition.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes Focuses On Health Education And Disease Prevention

Dr. Sergio Cortes was the Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense, a role that allowed him to promote good health among Brazilians. The position is in stark contrast to Dr. Cortes’ former job as a noted orthopedic surgeon and Head of Bone Transplantation at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, nevertheless, the doctor is a natural-born heath advocate. If you look at his blog, you’ll see that Sergio Cortes cares about everything from Chikungunya fever to children’s self esteem; health concerns that he no doubt saw while serving as an emergency room doctor at Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto.

You’ll see that Dr. Sergio Cortes did not just sit in his office like the typical administrator, he got out into the trenches to assess health threats. As Extra reported in 2013, Dr. Cortes visited flooded areas in Xerém to assess whether the measures taken by the State Department of Health were enough to prevent the numerous health threats caused by contaminated water.

Today, according to his LinkedIn profile, Dr. Sergio Cortes is the CMO and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz, the largest independent hospital operator in Brazil. It’s rumored that President-Elect Rousseff will make Dr. Cortes Brazil’s next Minister of Health; the doctor’s professional experience and education from the prestigious Harvard Business School certainly qualifies him for the position.

Dr. Cortes is currently in the news for his research into how physical activity helps prevent the onset of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the esteemed doctor, regular exercise keeps the brain active and healthy, especially in people who have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Cortes also advocates exercise, such as swimming and Pilates, for anyone suffering from back pain and for anyone concerned about developing osteoporosis.

Follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter for the latest news on health issues faced by Brazilians. He uses his very public profile to educate, with an emphasis on Zika outbreaks, a hot topic in Brazil right now. The mosquito-spread virus is plaguing Latin America countries; pregnant women are advised not to travel to Brazil at this time, according to Dr. Cortes’ tweets.

Pet Lovers Buy Premium Dog Foods Like Beneful

I met most of my pet loving friends at dog parks, training classes and on forums on the internet. We all want the best for our animals. Recently, one of my forums started sharing this article from the Daily Herald that talks a lot about what happens inside of the factories that produce premium dog foods. We all love buying the best dog foods for our animals, so it is nice to have some hard evidence to discuss.

Premium Dog Foods With Premium Ingredients

The dog foods in the article are all top shelf choices that really care about what goes in their food and what goes on in their facilities. They take extreme precautions to insure that their ingredients are specifically chosen for a well balanced diet. My dog appreciates this since he leads an active lifestyle. He needs all the nutrients and calories he can get because we are always on the go. He is my companion, so I take him with me when I go out places. My dog likes the taste of chicken. That is why I buy him Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. It is chicken flavored, and it has real chicken in it. That is something that really impresses me about Beneful Dog Foods. I like to see that these premium brands from Purina Store use real ingredients in their foods. They don’t just use chemicals and other ingredients to make it taste good. They actually use real chicken in the chicken blend, and they use real beef in the beef blend, and so on. My dog leads an active lifestyle, so I try to incorporate as much training and treats as we can possibly afford. Our time is limited, but we usually have time to break away to the park where we can train. I have Beneful Dog Treats for him always. I get the Baked Delights by Beneful because he likes them. His little tail is always moving around. If anyone is interested in reading the article that was posted on my forum, you can take a look at it by going here.

AI & Visual Search Technology Makes Shopping and Searching Possible by Use of Images

Slyce is to a software company that specializes in selling of software applications on which are related to recognition and visual search technology. It started in 2012 and originally located in Calgary, Alberta. However, the founders moved it to Toronto, Canada. Cameron Chell and Erika Rocicot co-founded Slyce through Business Instincts, a business consulting firm. Other offices were later set up in Nova Scotia, Calgary and New Waterford. There is also a Slyce office in Minneapolis in the United States.

The large part of the Sylce’s products and services is made up of visual recognition software and technology. The visual recognition software was first launched by Sylce in 2013. Sylce is currently traded publicly on TSX Venture Exchange. This company recently acquired BuyCode, a mobile app development company. Sylce also owns Hovr and Drivetrain Agency.

There have been lots of changes in the Web for the last 20 years. However, the use of the text boxes has remained constant. Entering of texts into pixelated oblongs has remained a major issue on how we interact with the mobile apps and websites.

The introduction of image recognition software is today being used to challenge the use of text boxes. Online footwear retailer and Social network Pinterest are currently testing on new methods to browse and search by use of images. Both of these companies use a technique known as deep learning which recently made it possible for humans to be matched with software for the purpose of image recognition.

Slyce’s new visual search tool enables one to draw a box around anything which is seen in an image to enable you to visually identify similar items. There are some items which were first summoned by visual search that come together with buy buttons already attached, a feature which was recently introduced by Pinterest in the summer. All the users of the company’s mobile apps and website will this week witness the introduction of the image search function. This system is capable of understanding images by drawing the text individuals have attached to photos which are shared on the device. Previously, most companies have tried using image-search technology to make shopping easier.