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Why You Should Consider Beneful Brand Dog Food

Trying to decide what to feed your dog can be difficult. There are hundreds of brands lining the shelves of your favorite pet or grocery store, all claiming to be the best food for your furry friend. Choosing the right Beneful is important because despite what the label may say, may lower quality dog foods are nothing but the nutritional equivalent of junk food.

That is why you should choose a Beneful dog food from a high-quality manufacturer that cares as much about your pet as you do. Purina is such a company, and they have been around for over a hundred years. During that time, the company has invested millions of dollars into animal nutritional research. Purina’s core belief has always been the animals feed the right diet live longer, healthier and happier lives. Brand Dog Food is one of the many great products that Purina produces. This food provides your pet with a complete and balanced diet. Beneful is available in both moist pouches and as dry kibble, all in a variety of sized containers.

Beneful contains real meats from turkey, chicken, salmon, and beef. Many nutrients your pet companion needs has to come from natural sources and real meat is the best source of many of these essential amino acids. Meat is also an excellent source of protein that helps build and repair muscles, increase your dog’s immune system, and keep their coat shiny and healthy.

While many people still believe that dogs only need meat to thrive, this myth has largely been disproven. Today’s dogs have been selectively bred over hundreds of years and their dietary needs now reflects that of their human caregivers. Beneful includes grains from corn and rice in their foods along with a variety of vegetables such as green beans, carrots, spinach, and peas.

Not only do these ingredients provide needed carbohydrates and fats, they also provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your pet needs to be well nourished. Carbohydrates are important because they provide the energy your dog needs. A healthy diet has to include fats, not only because they too provide energy, but nutritionalist are just beginning to understand how important they are in a number of other bodily functions including heat generation and the absorption of certain vitamins.

Beneful at is made in the United States in Purina’s own manufacturing plants. These plants have won many awards for using alternative energy. In fact, one plant has one of the largest solar farms of any manufacturing plant in the country. Other plants have implemented ways to reduce and recycle packaging materials.

All of Purina’s plants have their own quality control laboratories. Strict methods are used from the receipt of raw materials to your pet or grocery store ensure that your pet is getting only the best product that can be made.

Purina shows their compassion for pets by contributing over $10 million a year in cash and product to over 1,500 animal welfare organizations and shelters, and making pet adopt by seniors a priority by offering a reduced cost at certain shelters. Purina also leads the way in innovative research.

U.S. Money Reserve, Precious Metal Distributor

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest and most trusted distributors of government-issued gold, platinum and silver coins in the United States. U.S. Money Reserve has a AAA rating according to the Business Consumer Alliance. No other commercial precious metal minting firm is headed by a previous Director of the United States Mint, Philip N. Diehl.

Diehl has had a career stretching over forty years in the precious metals field and related industries. Having served as the thirty-fifth Director of the United States Mint, the chief of staff for the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the majority staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Diehl is a political finance veteran with an unparalleled wealth of experience. Diehl serves on the board of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, is a member of the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee (PAC) and is on the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation.

Diehl has written numerous articles on gold and precious metals that have been published in The Wall Street Journal, the Institutional Investor, and CoinWeek magazine. In addition to these bylines, Diehl is often cited in many media outlets as a leading expert on issues related to precious metals. Diehl has made strong his position that a prospective investor may want to include gold in their portfolio due to its potential nature to safely and reliably appreciate. In addition to the gold market, Diehl also writes on monetary and fiscal policy.

The Austin, Texas-based U.S. Money Reserve is a privately held corporation. In 2002 the firm was founded by gold market veterans with the intent of combining their expertise in gold with superior customer service. When buying precious metals, one doesn’t need a simple advisor, but a proper trustworthy consultant who is an expert in their specific field.

To this effect, U.S. Money Reserve consists of over one hundred highly-qualified professionals with years of experience and specialized knowledge in their areas. Gold, silver and platinum experts know every in and out of their respective markets, both as precious metals on the whole and as coins in particular. U.S. Money Reserve also employs numismatic experts and other specialized coin research professionals. These roles are supported by vault, security, shipping, logistics and collection professionals. Committed to the best service, top to bottom, the customer relations and business support development sectors are not forgotten, neither are the inventory control specialists and supply side managers.

Privacy in the Internet Age

In July 2015, a group called “The Impact Team” breached the security of the website Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is a dating website for married people. Roughly 9.2 gigabytes of data was released. It included personal information of 37 million Ashley Madison users. Following the release, online users found some of these users and threatened to release this information to their friends on Facebook if they did not pay an extortion fee. The hack has reignited the conversation about privacy in the internet age. Privacy is one right that has been threatened around the world in the post-9/11 world and, on the web, it is far from guaranteed. Websites regularly collect, store and sell personal information for advertising purposes. Millions of web users have credit card information saved on popular websites that have been breached many times. For Ashley Madison users and their families, dealing with an affair in public has been shown to be incredibly harmful to spouses and children

If you are interested in protecting your privacy on the internet there are several ways to do it. The people at Status Labs, an online reputation management company, suggest that you begin by setting all of your social media profiles to private including Facebook and Instagram. For many Ashley Madison users, it would have saved them from going through an extortion.

Online reputation management companies such as Status Labs also offer reputation management for anyone who is interested in PR any company that has to deal with the fallout after an event such as the Ashley Madison hack. Today, over half of employers and universities will search for social media profiles of candidates. Often, if they find something they do not like, they will drop candidates from consideration. Companies such as Status Labs are there to help you ensure that your privacy is secure and that you have control over your online presence.

George Soros Plan to Solve the Asylum Chaos

George Soros is the founder and also the chairman of Open Society, an organization that networks different foundations, partners and even projects in different countries in the world. Currently, the foundation has reached over 100 countries in its networks. Soros is actually very committed when it comes in to an open society. He believes that every person’s right should be respect, and every government should be accountable to the people it serves. He also believes that nobody should have monopoly to the truth. These actions have made his organization to be very different from others. He has a history for being one of the biggest financiers in the world, and this has made his ideas in the financial and investment sector to be respected by many. Just recently, he gave his opinion about stopping the asylum chaos in Europe. His views are very respected, and this means that if the country follows his plan, then they will definitely experience some positive changes. First of all, Soros believes that the European Union must accept responsibility because it doesn’t have a common asylum policy, and this has transformed the growing influx for the refugee who come from small manageable problems, and this leads to a great political crisis. According to Soros, each of the member states has been selfish and has only focused in just its own interests, and sometimes they even go ahead and act against the interests of the member’s estates. This has actually brought panic to the asylum seekers, the public and also to the people who are responsible to maintaining law and order in the country. The asylum seekers are believed to have been the major victims to this crisis. George Soros advices theEU that it requires a very comprehensive plan that will be able to respond to the growing crisis. The plan must reassert very effective governance when it comes to asylum seekers. This will enable them to take place in places that are safe and also in an orderly way. They should also do it in a pace that is able to reflect that Europe has the capacity to actually absorb them. He emphasizes that the plan to be made should go beyond the borders of Europe. He also says that it will be less disruptive and also cheaper to maintain the potential asylum seekers when they are in or close to the present location. George goes ahead and explains that the origin of the crisis happening is from Syria, and this means that the Syrian population must be given the first priority before anything else. This doesn’t mean that the other asylum dwellers should be forgotten. They too, should be given an opportunity so that the crisis is solved. The European plan should also be accompanied by an international response, which can be from the authority of the UN and also involving its members. This will actually distribute the current burden of the crisis happening in Syria to a bigger estates, and at the same time establish global standard when it comes to dealing with issues concerning forced migration.

For Healthy Thriving Pets Purina PetCare Is The Way To Go

Throughout my life I have had the luxury of proudly owning many dogs and cats. Different breeds and sizes yet they all have one major thing the same. All of my little furry friends grew up using Purina Pet Care products.

Purina News employs over 400 scientists and nutritionists that come together specializing in the health and nourishment of the little furry friends. (even the large ones as well). They have been in the pet care industry for over 80 years. Now that’s a name I can trust. There philosophy states ” Pets and people are better together”. I share that philosophy and believe that Purina reaches out to the extra-ordinary pet owner. My pets are my family members and I stand behind Purina Pet Care because they have helped my friends to flourish over all these years.

There foods exceed the FDA (Federal and State Regulatory Standards). They set the industry standard in PetCare and nourishment. Starting with extensive ingredient sourcing, ingredient testing, and the tracking and control of there optimal ingredients. Purina has not stopped there. They have reached out to the animals that have yet to find that loving home. In 2011 alone 1800 shelters across the United States received pet food donation from Purina. In 2014 6 million pounds of healthy morsels were donated. Wow, that’s 19 million in retail value.

Earlier I mentioned that I have owned a various number of pets. All having different characteristics but they shared one common thing. The use of Purina PetCare products which allowed them to healthily and happily grow and flourish. There products helped them thrive. I know my pets are thriving through a few basic principles: they eat eagerly, have high levels of energy, shiny smooth coats, and strong healthy white teeth. Never once did I have digestive issues ( A major concern for pet owners). Anyone out there looking for a PetCare provider with pride, strong values, years of credibility, and a passion for helping the less fortunate. Use Purina pet care products. I stand behind them and without a doubt know both you and your loving pet will benefit tremendously.