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How Adam Sender Went From Hedge Fund Manager to Art Dealer

It isn’t all too common for a popular and successful hedge fund manager to jump shit and take a shot dealing in Contemporary art. The art world eats up and spits out buyers and sellers on a regular basis, and if you deal in the high end market, you could be one purchase away from wiping out all your savings. Adam Sender is definitely not the average art buyer or dealer, as a matter of fact, he is more widely known for the profitable hedge fund that he managed. This story is not any you have heard in recent years.

Adam Sender was making money for just about everyone who would listen. His hedge fund was very successful, and clients were enjoying the enormous growth by taking money off the table and investing some back for future growth. Adam was taking profits however and looking to try his hand at something that had a slightly bigger return. Anyone who has ever dealt in the art industry knows that this is an extremely risky business, you could lose everything with one poor decision. Sender was convinced he could make serious money and decided to try the waters. Check out this article by ArtNews on Adam Sender.

One thing that happened that changed the course of Sender’s life was he saw how expensive it was to buy masterpieces. Famous artists like Warhol were fetching millions of dollars pr painting, an investment that just screamed trouble. It could take decades to squeeze out a small profit here, something just didn’t appeal to Sender so he changed course. He was not going to be deterred by the high price of Contemporary art, so he began looking at some masterpieces by artists a little further down the ladder. These works were spectacular, just not mainstream like the well-known artists.

So Sender began investing in these lesser-known artists, realizing he could score beautiful pieces for $100,000 a piece in most cases, usually never more than $200,000. That left a huge amount of room for profit if the market were to go on a huge upward turn. Sender continued to search and buy these paintings, deciding in 2006 that he needed to confirm his theory and sell of a few of the pieces. Sender then auctioned 40 pieces and walked away with $20 million dollars, he knew he was on to something.

Since that sale, Sender has amassed a huge collection of great pieces by 139 artists, which stands at 400 total pieces. Now that the hedge fund has run its course, Sender is looking to get out of the art business too and have Sotheby’s sell off his collection over the next 18 months. Once completely sold, Sender is projected to walk away from the business with $70 million dollars.

Bruce Levenson steps out of sports as philanthropy takes center stage

UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson has recently seen the Atlanta Spirit consortium he is the public face of depart from the NBA with the sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise. Levenson has been a popular figure in Atlanta after he was part of the consortium who purchased the Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchises in 2004 after Time Warner decided to sell the franchises that were inherited as part of the deal to buy Turner Broadcasting. Levenson quickly became the public face of the owners after his decision to join the NBA board of governors and the many community based projects he established in the Atlanta and Washington DC areas.

For Bruce Levenson the need to give back to the community he is part of has always been present. The Maryland native has kept the headquarters of his successful UCG business in Washington DC as a way of making sure employment and growth remains in the capital of the US. After purchasing the Hawks and Thrashers franchises, Levenson was instrumental in making sure the Hawks took a leading role in the local community in Georgia and beyond. Levenson and the hawks were leading figures in the Make a Wish Foundation in Maryland and around the Atlanta area. This has ensured the Hawks and Levenson remained popular in both communities, even after the impending sale of the Hawks was announced in 2014.

Eventually, the Hawks franchise was sold for a large profit after a reported $850 million deal was announced for the franchise and rights to use the arena in Atlanta. In recent years Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen have spent a large amount of time and money providing assistance for community groups and charitable organizations around the Maryland and Washington DC areas. These high quality philanthropic donations will continue over the course of the coming years as the Levenson family will seek out the best chances for helping local communities and humans around the world. The major investment made by the Levenson’s has been in the College of Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This school has been designed to bring out the best in the next generation of leaders across the US, recent developments have seen the students at the school develop global initiatives in developing areas of the World. These initiatives would seem to be assured after the Levenson family have made a commitment to keep the school in place for the coming years through donations and by participating in fund raising activities.

Who Do I Trust in Regard to Dog Food?

I know that there are a variety of dog food brands out there, and I know that they all have something to offer, but I need to choose one brand that I can trust, so that I know right away who I should turn to when I need dog food. There are brands out there that offer the nutrition that dogs need, and I respect those brands. I know that dogs need special food that will help them to stay healthy, and I respect the brands that offer that. There are brands out there that offer advertising that is appealing, and I appreciate that.

As someone who is watching the kind of advertising that comes on TV, I like watching good advertising and knowing that it comes from a quality dog food brand. There are brands with a variety of flavor options, and I know that dogs appreciate that. Those brands give dogs a variety of flavors to choose from, so that they don’t get bored in their eating. I respect a lot of brands, but I need to know that there is one that has it all.

When it comes to Beneful, I know that I have found a brand that offers everything that pet owners and pets need. Beneful offers everything when it comes to a dog food brand. Beneful has advertising that is interesting and amusing – something that I really like in any kind of brand. Beneful offers the kinds of foods that pet owners want when they are looking to support the health and wellness of their pets. Those who have a dog in their care need to have nutritious food options available, and they can get that from Beneful. The Beneful brand shows that they care about pets in all that they do, and that is something that I respect. When I am looking for a single brand that stands above and beyond the rest, I feel that Beneful knows what they are doing. Beneful is there for pets and pet owners, and I feel that they are one of the great dog food brands that are out there. I trust Beneful and all that they have to offer.

Get Help If You Have Interest In New York City Real Estate

No one said it was easy to look for a new home. Unfortunately, looking for a new home in New York City is one of the hardest tasks there is. It may seem easy enough to simply pick up a magazine and start looking for a new home, but what if the type of home you’re looking for isn’t listed in the magazine? Maybe you’ll take the time to go online, but not every company or private listing will be on the Internet for everyone to see. In certain cases, a person or entity that may have a home for sale or lease, it may be their only interest to list the property with a real estate agent.

The reason why someone may want to list their NYC properties with a real estate agent is because of the fact that the agent can learn everything about the property, and they can deliver this information to any potential customers. Think of it like this. If you are selling your own car, how likely are you to get a lot of money out of it, compared to a car salesperson selling the same car to someone else? Yes, maybe you would have to share some of the profit with the car salesman, but if they bring in a bigger profit, then it’s worth it.

This scenario is similar to someone who lists their home with a real estate agent. They want someone who is vastly knowledgeable about homes, and they can gain a potential customer because they know all the selling features of the home. A real estate agent has all the knowledge necessary to make someone interested in a home, compared to a home being listed in the newspaper. Now that you know that a real estate agent can help you to find a home, why not give one a call? If you don’t know who to call, then simply call Town Real Estate.

When it comes to home hunting in New York City, Town Real Estate is the best choice. The reason why you should pick Town Real Estate instead of any other agency is because they have five years of experience in the New York City area, and this has helped them to gain the confidence of their customers. With all the customers that they’ve helped to find a new place, why not allow yourself to be the next customer? You want your next home to be someplace that you can go to when the day is over, and you’ll be glad that you found the place, and you’ll be happy to come home. Since finding a home is extremely important, give that responsibility to Town Real Estate.