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N.W.A. Performs On BET For The First Time In Decades

N.W.A. is a historical rap group that can be credited with how rap music is today. The group formed in 1986, and after five years, they split up for good. The N.W.A. Reunion. Even though the group split up, their music has lived on in infamy, and many people refer to some of the music that they performed. Easy E. went on to create his own music as well as to produce a super-group called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Dr. Dre has been the most successful in the entire group, and he recently became the first rapper billionaire.

Ice Cube has made dozens of movies, and in fact, he’s involved in the creation of N.W.A.’s namesake movie. The movie “Straight Out of Compton” is about N.W.A., and it will feature some other rappers in there as well, such as Tupac Shakur.  Andy Wirth points out that the group has not performed together since at least 1991, and somehow, BET was able to get the group back together again after decades apart.

The recent performance on BET is their first performance in about 24 years, and it’s amazing to see the group together again. When they all performed on stage, they performed one of their famous hits about the police, and a real police car came out in the background.

Kanye West Dodges Amber Rose At Drake’s Party

Rap star Drake recently celebrated his birthday, and he threw an epic party for the ages. Supposedly, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Amber Rose attended the event. However, Kanye West apparently wasn’t that thrilled with the arrival of his ex-giance Amber Rose. For those of you that don’t know, Kanye West and Amber Rose had a very public falling out, and they have been feuding on Twitter ever since. Kanye has even called Amber Rose the dirtiest woman he ever met.

When Amber Rose arrived at Drake’s party, Kanye West ran out of the house. Several sources have indicated that Kanye West did not want to bump into the glamour model, and I don’t blame him. Nonetheless, Drake’s birthday party continued on, and it was supposedly one of the most epic parties of the year says Eric Pulier. However, I highly doubt that Drake’s birthday bash was better than Kanye’s.

Several hip hop fans hope that Kanye West and Amber Rose can drop the beef in the near future. However, Amber truly hates the Kardashians, and it’s not without reason. Nonetheless, let’s just hope that nothing gets out of hand between the famous celebrities. TMZ recently posted an article about this story, and more information about Drake’s party can be found there.

Chris Brown’s Birthday Regret

Chris Brown has been a pretty hands on dad, ever since he found out about having a 9 month old daughter. There is not much he would not do for baby Royalty and watching him gush over his baby girl is more adorable than any fan can take to bare. Even with the ongoing drama that Chris never fails to attract, James Dondero sees that Chris is putting his daughter before all the negative attention he called to himself, and that is admirable. Now that Chris is a father he has to learn to juggle his career as a pop star with his responsibility as a father, and recently Chris got a rude awakening.

Chris’s daughter Royalty recently celebrated her 1st birthday and while she as at Chuck E. Cheese’s blowing out the candles with her friends and family by her side, Chris was in LA shooting a music video with Tyga. Royalty’s mother Nia was angry and refused to take Chris up on his offer to make it up with a trip to Disneyland. Chris is doing the best he can but obligations often get in the way when you are a working parent.

Apparently Chris is feeling you delayed remorse about missing his baby girl’s big day, and is desperate to make it up to her. At the moment all he can do is move on and try not to miss any more of Royalty’s milestones.

Iggy Azalea Believes That Hating Her Is The New “Cool Thing”

“Success is polarizing” are the famous words of Iggy Azalea who has recently been called out on some of her offensive behavior. Announcing her new LP and book, the rapper spoke to MTV and Gravity4. Most things about her can be found out from her Twitter where she frequently addresses her haters and questions their grip on reality. Given her own tenuous relationship with the concept, it isn’t surprising that she has rarely apologized for her problematic behavior.

That is, until recently, when she was forced to pull out from Pittsburgh LGBTQIA Pride performance because of her past tweets that showed she was once homophobic. Her apology was unsatisfactory since she attributed it all to “naivety” from her younger days. Nonetheless, it was an apology and after heavy backlash, she pulled out.

The problem with Iggy Azalea isn’t that it’s “cool to hate her”, it’s that she has seldom taken any responsibility for her actions. She doesn’t believe in the concept of white privilege and has done absolutely nothing to support any current events and issues, when her fellow artists are doing their best to make the world a better place. This attitude could have been forgiven had she not made it a point to direct everyone’s attention to her own “cool’ behavior of not giving a damn about the people to whom she owes her career.

While Iggy Azalea thanks people who stand by her in this difficult time, it cannot be said that she has extended the same courtesy to the rest of the world.

“A New Life In Hip-Hop”

The rap group G-Unit is again coming on the scene. They have just hired a new artist to their group by the name of Kidd Kidd. This recently signed artist is quickly becoming known as the best new rapper in the industry. He is proving himself more and more every single day.

Kidd Kidd took a big step by releasing a song titled Ejected. Not only does this track feature a wonderful beat an lyrics, but this track also features Lil’ Wayne. This is possibly going to be one of the hottest hip-hop songs for the entire summer.

Though G-Unit is working on new music, they have taken a liking to this new song says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. They believe Kidd Kidd is great when it comes to collaborations, and they would like to see Kidd Kidd collaborate with many other artists. G-Unit themselves have many tracks featuring Kidd Kidd that they will soon be releasing to the public.

G-Unit is happy that Kidd Kidd is getting this exposure. They believe this is one of the hottest artists from G-Unit in a long time. Fans of G-Unit everywhere have written positive reviews about Kidd Kidd. Fans everywhere have also stated that they listen to Ejected on a daily basis. Many fans said it is that type of song that someone can listen to over and over again. Kidd Kidd and Lil’ Wayne might create further trakcs since they were so successful with this one.

Machine Gun Kelly Will Host WWE Raw

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the hottest new rappers of the last few years, and he has earned quite a following among hip hop fans. However, Machine Gun Kelly happens to be a fan of the WWE. At WrestleMania 28, Machine Gun Kelly performed several of his hit songs at the grandest stage of them all. On a recent episode of WWE Raw, John Cena invited Machine Gun Kelly back to the show, and it seems that Machine Gun Kelly has accepted Cena’s invitation.

Machine Gun Kelly will appear on the next episode of WWE Raw, and many fans such as Adam Sender are extremely excited to see MGK host the wrestling event according to the Observer. Some people feel that Machine Gun Kelly will actually wrestle during his WWE appearance, but it should be noted that Machine Gun Kelly is not a very athletic man. However, having MGK appear on the television show will give some credibility to the product. MGK is an adult artist, and some people have felt that the WWE has turned into a children’s product over the year.

WhatCulture recently posted an article that features further details about the WWE’s plans for Machine Gun Kelly. The WWE has lost some steam over the last couple of months, and its most likely because of the passing of Wrestlemania 31. The WWE has earned millions of dollars over the last couple of years thanks to the company’s new WWE Network, but the network has not been perfected just yet.

Singer Enrique Iglesias involved in drone accident at concert

Pop star Enrique Iglesias was left bloodied and in need of stitches when an incident with a drone at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday. Despite the injury that fans claimed left the first rows of fans at the concert covered in blood the Spanish singer continued with his performance after receiving a hasty medical patch up during a short break following the incident. CNN reports that the exact details of the accident have yet to be released, but the singer was later flown to Los Angeles to have the injury dealt with by a specialist.

The concert in Tijuana was held in front of 12,000 fans and the drone is thought to have been part of the show produced by Iglesias. After reportedly slicing open a finger the Hero singer had his bleeding finger bandaged and continued with the show as here fused to let down the thousands of fans at the show. During the show Iglesias also drew a heart on his white t-shirt in his own blood as he battled through the remainder of his performance. The management team of Iglesias later thanked fans for their support and stated he should make a full recovery from the injury. Those at Amen Clinics are glad to hear that.