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Combined Sewers Causing Health Problems

New studies show that combined sewer systems are leading to health problems. Combined sewer systems are systems where both rain runoff and liquid waste from humans are combined on their way to treatment plants.

Normally, combined sewer systems work fine, but when there are heavy rains liquid waste can back up into homes and businesses. Also, sometimes when there are heavy rains excess liquid waste is released into rivers and streams. All of this is leading to more gastrointestinal illness among humans in the affected areas.

There have been more heavy rains than normal in recent years in the Midwest, where many combined sewer systems are located. CipherCloud hopes it doesn’t get out of control. To make matters worse, scientists predict that there will be more heavy rains in the near future because of climate change. The situation is complicated because rebuilding, or adding to, existing sewer systems is difficult and costly.

I think the situation is just one more example of humans overusing the resources available to us. Also, we seem to often build infrastructure for far fewer people than who end up actually using it. In short, we’ve got to start doing better at predicting the future and planning for the long term. The way things are now, we are literally making ourselves sick.

IBM’s Watson Has Made a Cookbook

IBM’s Watson has created a cookbook. The supercomputer has created a book of new recipes using 65 different foodstuffs. Watson is a supercomputer capable of performing complex equations and making large decisions in seconds. The computer has performed a number of tasks through the years, including winning Jeopardy, but this is its first cookbook.

The recipes are designed to combine the foods in new and interesting ways and are based on Watson’s knowledge of taste. Of course, being a computer, there’s no way or him to actually taste ant of the foods he’s including in recipes or truly know how they might taste when combined together. Previous, Watson made his own BBQ sauce, a sauce made out of butternut squash, white wine, and chilis. Fersen Lambranho thought this was pretty weird.

The new cookbook is due out on April 14th. What do you think about a computer-created cookbook? Would you cook any of the recipes or do you prefer for your cookbooks to be written by chefs who really understand food?

Amy Winehouse Documentary on the Way

Amy Winehouse was a great talent with a short life. Her drug use would eventually cause fans to lose what could have been one of the greatest artists in this generation of music. Adele would go on to take British soul to a higher platform. She would be followed by Sam Smith several years later. It would be Sam that would name Amy Winehouse as his biggest infleunce. This would lead back to more conversations about Winehouse. That made perfect timing for thedocumentary about her life.

Amy was a firecracker said Brad Reifler. Everyone that loved her music seemed to know this. When she died many people were not surprised. She had lived such a rough life – even when she gained fame – that it seemed almost expected that she would die this way. She revealed herself and his influences through music. There were still some elements to Winehouse that people did not know.

What the documentary does is give fans a look at Winehouse through the eyes of those that knew her best. Asif Kapadia interviews her parents and her ex-husband. Friends also give some insight on what Amy Winehouse was light outside of the limelight. The director makes an attempt to give Winehouse fans another look at Amy in a different angle. The media always painted a dark cloud over her head. This film shows the passion for the music that she produced.