Monthly Archives: January 2015

Lil Wayne Has Some Fun on Mix Tape

Anyone that has been waiting for the “Carter V” album may be impressed with songs from the “Sorry for the Wait 2” mix tape. Lil Wayne appears to be having a lot of fun here as he raps over lots of popular beats from 2014.

One of the standouts on the mix tape is the collaborations with current girlfriend Christina Milian. These two take on the Beyonce and Jay-Z “Drunk in Love” song by rapping over this beat. It is something that Wayne has been known for in the past. He takes beats from popular songs and adds his own lyrics. So far people have been talking about this as the standout track from the mix tape.

There are also other tracks on the album that present a clever wordplay from Wayne, but this track has been highlighted because of his new relationship with Milian. Fans, like Marc Sparks, are talking now that there is some truth to the relationship rumors. In the early stages of the relationship Wayne blew it off as just a friendship. With the release of the mix tape it becomes obvious that there is more to it than that.

Lots of outsiders that are looking in at this relationship are wondering how long this will last. Milian has had a string of albums that have failed on a commercial level. She currently has a reality show that highlights her return to music.

2 Pac Museum Coming Soon

In the wake of a new 2 Pac movie there are a lot of people talking about the legacy and influences he left on hip-hop. Now there is going to be an exhibit dedicated to the controversial rapper.

The late 2 Pac was very big in the hip hop community, but he became a crossover success after he died. It was white rappers like Eminem that seemed to come into the hip hop world and introduce suburban America to this rugged style of hip hop music. It is sort of ironic for 2 Pac to be part of a Grammy exhibit since he has never actually won a Grammy. He was nominated 6 times (for music before and after his death), but he never actually won.

The rap world – in accordance to rap – has changed a lot since 2 Pac has died. The rap lyrics that he brought to the surface were still part of an urban culture when he died. As pointed out by my friend over at Status Labs, it was something that was not exactly a mainstream genre. Since he has passed numerous rappers have taken a Grammy or two home. Jay-Z, Eminem and Kanye West are among the ones that have had great wins. Common has even won a Golden Globe, and he has been nominated for an Oscar this year. It is very possible that 2 Pac may have won a Grammy if he was still alive.