George Soros: A True Rags to Riches Story

When George Soros was growing up in his war-torn home country, he knew that he was going to have to do a lot if he wanted to make a difference in his own life. He has a lot of experience with finances and business now, but that wasn’t always the case because of all of the issues that he faced and all of the things that he had to deal with. He tried his best to ensure that he was offering solutions the right way and all of that gave him the chance to grow his own business so that he would one day be able to be successful. One thing that George Soros never forgot about was the people who helped him and those who wanted to make his life better for him no matter what they had going on in their own lives.

Since George Soros had so many people helping him out when he first started out, he wanted to do something for people when he was able to finally be successful at his business. He decided that it would always be a good idea to give back to the community so that he could make things happen. It was a great way for him to make a difference and was also a great way for him to show people what he was missing out of the experiences that he had. For George Soros to make things work for all of this, he had to make sure that he was influential and that people even knew who he was. Learn more about his profile at

While George Soros has done this and became a great businessman, he is better known for the political outlook that he has. As a fierce liberal, he tries to make sure that things are making things better so they can try different people. There are many other people who like politics but they are not able to make the best activist decisions like he is. He has money, business and a dedication to the cause all on his side. All of this contributes to the fact that he can make things better for different people.

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As Politico talked about, George Soros knows how to help people out. He even helped Hillary Clinton with the campaign that she was doing. The money that he provided the campaign made it easier for him to try and make things right by supporting the liberals. It also made things easier for Hillary Clinton to be able to continue her campaign. George Soros just wanted to see the liberal agenda have a chance at being able to do things so that they could make things happen and make the country better for everyone. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Brown Modeling Agency: Keeping An Eye Out For The Best

Let’s face it: every business needs a face. The kind of face representing a corporation, its products and values depend on the business entity itself. More often than not, however, fresh, young and handsome models are in demand to play that part. Also, talented individuals are needed to act in important roles in commercials that have to show companies in the best light. People fulfilling these requirements are not easy to find, but one group of smart recruiters with a discerning eye for modeling potential is on the job: the Brown Agency!

The Brown Agency started out as Wilhelmina Brown when it announced itself to the Austin fashion market in 2010 with a stunning fashion show in collaboration with Linda Asaf, one of the leading designers in the city. Since then, the agency has seen its models and actors being hired by corporate giants for their advertisement campaigns, the likes of which include L’Oreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and Dell. The man at the center of the spotlights of this highly successful recruitment agency, Justin Brown, often reiterates something that every actor, singer, and crowd-pleaser can relate with, which is that they are only as good as their talents can be. Thus, he acknowledges the presence of a vast number of people in central Texas who possess a plethora of talents ranging from modeling to acting and even singing.

It is the tireless efforts of the scouts and recruiters, however, that really pushed these potential stars to the fore, including at various fashion weeks across the United States such as those in Dallas, New York and Miami, the biggest metropolitan centers of the American country. The models and actors at the Brown Agency not only benefit from the exposure they receive and their association with such a thriving talent recruitment firm, they also enjoy the camaraderie that exists in the dressing room and the relaxing environment they are offered, sometimes in the form of massive pool parties to celebrate the 4th of July. It’s indeed a great life for some of the best personalities in the field. They demand a lot, but also offer a high reward to their stars, as it can be seen in the stunning photography’s that they post online.

The Brown Agency does not settle for mediocre: it wants to work only with the best out there. Therefore, if you have the stunning looks and poise to carry yourself well on the catwalk, or if you feel you can wow the audience with your acting skills, do not hesitate to contact the Brown Agency. It conducts an open call every Thursday from 3 to 4 pm in Austin for aspiring performers like you. You can contact their recruiters, so do not miss your chance and show the Brown Agency’s scouts what you got!



NuoDB’s SQL database a giant within the tech industry

NuoDB is a popular database company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB was launched in 2008 and has been recognized on the respected research report the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The company was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB filed a 2011 patent for their elastically scalable database. In 2012 NuoDB earned $12 million in venture capital. In 2014, NuoDB was named as an innovation All Star by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. Barry Morris became executive chairman in 2015 and promoted Bob Walmsley as CEO. In 2017, NuoDB joined forces with Causesquare, becomng the official database for the social engagement tool. Causesquare connects donors and volunteers with organizations.

NuoDB was built as an elastic SQL database for virtual applications. The NuoDB database has been made SQL compliant. The database scales out without needing sharding. The database outsources tasks to several processors to avoid creating virtual chokepoints for data. The SQL database is ACID compliant and uses a tiered system, working with multiple tiers of engines and storage managers. The latest update of the SQL database was in January 2017, when the company added table partitions, storage groups and support for Amazon Web Services Inc. NuoDB continues to thrive in the tech industry.

Yanni Hufnagel Helps His Teams Succeed

Yanni Hufnagel has many different ways that he is able to coach. He tries to make sure that he uses methods that match almost perfectly with the things that the teams are doing. He also wants to make sure that he is involved with the team before he settles on something that he is going to be able to change. For Yanni Hufnagel to be able to do all of this, he knows that he will need to keep doing different things. Since Yanni Hufnagel first started working as a coach, he tried to make things better for the people who he worked with.

Since Yanni Hufnagel coached in different areas, he knows that there are different ways that people can play the sport. He also knows that different types of teams will be different if they know the other things that are going on. He knows a lot about the sport and how to try different things. This is something that can make it easier for people to get the best experience possible while they are learning more about the sport and how to play it. It is something that Yanni Hufnagel has always been working toward and has been a huge help for the teams that he works with.

Even though Yanni Hufnagel knows that these things will be able to help the teams, he is always trying to help them prepare to be professionals. He knows that this is something that will make a difference and something that will show people what they can get out of the careers that they have in basketball. Yanni Hufnagel knows the right way to do different things and knows that coaching basketball can be a huge success if he is able to do it the right way for the teams.

Eric Lefkofsky Modernizes the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to healthcare and modern technology many specialists would agree there is a large gap left to be filled in between the two. This held true until that gap was filled by Eric Lefkofsky and his company called Tempus. Tempus has led cancer care to become even more effective by creating a technological platform that enables the massive amount of data collected from cancer patients to be delivered faster and simpler. This platform more particularly analyzes and examines each individual cancer patient’s clinical and molecular data in order to provide a more effective and inclusive electronic health record. Tempus is promoting the fight of cancer on molecular and cellular levels thus promoting human genome sequencing.

One of the many reasons Tempus is so dedicated to advancing technologies in order to fight cancer is because of the aforementioned Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky and his very personal story with cancer. Eric was born in Michigan during the year of 1969. After graduating from the University of Michigan with honors in 1991 he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law school. Even though he was born and raised in Michigan Lefkofsky eventually moved to Chicago. After moving to Chicago Eric Lefkofsky received teaching jobs at prestigious schools including DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Managment. For now, he is keeping his teaching skills sharp by teaching at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

After falling in love and marrying Liz, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. After this diagnoses and initial journey into the fight against cancer, Lefkofsky saw on a direct level just how much work needed to be done to advance the industry. Thanks to him noticing this area desperately in need of advancement and taking charge Tempus can go on to help the projected 19 million people that could have some form of cancer by the year 2024.

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Life Line Screening: Saving Lives’ Through Preventive Health Screening

Life Line Screening is a private company founded in 1993, in Florida. The company’s headquarters is in Independence, Cleveland. It currently serves 48 US States. Life Line Screening provides Preventing Health Screenings service. The company has employed over 1,000 employees. The company is also based in the United Kingdom, and its website is

Life Line Screenings founders include Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips. The company engages in various screening services for adults in the community. The firm received its accreditation by the renowned Better Business Bureau in the year 1996. Interesting to note, on a scale of A+ to F, they received an A+. The high ratings were as a result of the few cases of complaint received. The company also had a reputable background which contributed to its high ratings.

Life Line Screening has conducted eight million health screenings. These screenings include ultrasound scans, electrocardiography, and blood screenings. Through Life Line Screening, diseases such as peripheral arterial disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm could be detected. Life line Screening holds over 16,000 local community events that provide screening services.

Life Line Screening has played a big role in preventing cardiovascular diseases. This is being achieved through early detection of cardiovascular issues. The screenings have proved fruitful in identifying these cardiovascular issues. The company carries out non-invasive testing procedures to access a patient’s likelihood of developing cardiovascular issues.

These tests involve ultrasound of the abdominal aorta and carotid arteries. Measurement of the ankle brachial index is also done. The aim of this test is to know whether a patient suffers from a peripheral vascular disease. Life Line Screening also offers osteoporosis and EKG screenings. These screenings detect atrial fibrillation, a risk factor for stroke.

Life Line Screening continues to develop new screenings to enhance life quality for patients. Recently, they have added lung screening for those concerned about their lungs functionality and health. The company has also developed a program targeted at helping people with type 2 diabetes. Life Line Screening uses the most advanced and sophisticated technology to provide the most accurate screening methods. Life Line Screening aims at achieving top notch health services.

The Best Franchisee of the World is Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes,the Mexican investor of Sushi Itto, won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award for his contributions to the Japanese food chain, an annual competition held in Florence, Italy. Omar entered the franchise business at 21 years of age building his empire to 10 percent of the franchise. His 13 units are located in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz.

Mr. Yunes holds significant control of the food industry through the aggressive marketing of his brand. Motivating his over 400 employees toward the company’s goals, his leadership has created a growing professional network whom have harnessed his enthusiasm toward a centralized business strategy.

Yunes commented, “I feel very proud. I am only the representative, the reality is that this is a prize of the 400 employees of the 13 units that manage and the brand that has allowed us to innovate.”

The Best Franchisee of the World is attended by representatives from dozens of countries from all over the globe. Evaluating each franchisee based on their network and not their brand, Omar Yunes stood out for his contributions to the franchising model which includes knowledge, acumen, and influence.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto views the Best Franchisee of the World as a “…manifestation of the joint effort to offer our customers excellent service, a remarkable flavor and unique hospitality.”

Yunes also came in first in Mexico’s national qualifier. His recognition on an international level speaks of the growing franchise industry in his home country, and his role in contributing to that.

Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is a global competition which recognizes the contributions franchisees like Omar Yunes have on their brand. The objective being to honor the collaboration and leadership of all those nominated individuals.

This year, that honor goes to Mexico’s Omar Yunes. His strong commitment to success has brought attention to both his brand, Sushi Itto, and his homeland which up until now, has been known for their more regional brands. The first version of the BFW Mexico brought together a total of 34 franchisees from various cities and regions of the country.

Bruce Bent II’s Business Advice to Others

As a successful financial company CEO and someone who has been working in business for many years, Bruce Bent II has been able to bring a lot of success to different areas and to help people with the options that they have. He has done more with the experiences that he has and that has given him a chance to try new things. He always does what he can to help his clients and to people who are trying to have financial success. This often means that he gives away valuable advice for free so that people can get more out of it and so that they can enjoy everything that there is to offer in the financial world. By doing this, he has allowed himself the chance to try more and to do more with the options that he has.

Bruce Bent II always makes sure that he listens to his gut. He does everything by intuition and, if it doesn’t feel right, he doesn’t do it. There are many things that he has backed out of because of his intuition and because of the way that he feels about things. Bruce Bent II wants other people to know that they should trust their instincts and not do something if it doesn’t feel right. Before he became extremely successful, there were many things that he did even though he thought they were bad ideas. Most of the time, these ended up being bad choices in the industry.

As a successful entrepreneur, Bruce Bent II also wants people to know things that they can do to protect their finances. One of the things that he has done to protect his own is created his own food. He has invested in chickens as well as other things that he can grow on his own. By doing this, he saves a lot of money on food. The low cost of growing and raising your own food often outweighs the fact that you don’t have to go to the grocery store all of the time to get things that you might need to use.

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End Citizens United Raises $11 Million

There are several advocacy groups that have been fighting to overturn the decision of Supreme Court regarding Citizens United. These groups include Public Citizen, besides Common Cause along with People for the American Way. A new group was added to this list in March 2015. It is the End Citizens United PAC. It wants to overturn this controversial decision of the Supreme Court too. But it wants to do so by helping to elect more Democrats in the US Government.

End Citizens United has an aggressive strategy. It is founded by three former specialists who were looking after online fundraising for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They are also running Mothership Strategies which is a consulting firm. It is clear that they have a mindset towards list building as well as big volume fundraising. Earlier all this was being done by some dedicated non-profit agencies.

This PAC has a methodology of sending out urgent solicitations through e-mail. At times, these amounted to even seven each day. These would have messages that would ask people to send their donation so that they become a founding member of End Citizens United. They need to rush as Republicans are chipping away at various finance laws related to the campaign. Hence there is urgency in order to restore Democracy. Hence action needs to be taken immediately. The minimum contribution being requested was of $5.

It was a highly successful strategy. It helped End Citizens United to raise $11 million. All this was mainly through small donations that were being collected online.

The founders of End Citizens United are Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett along with Charles Starnes. They feel that Citizens United has unleashed huge amounts of political cash. This way it has become simply impossible for the Democrats to pass their Party agenda. This is why End Citizens United has been created so that Democrats are elected who can change all this.

This strategy was very different and unique in the world of political fundraising world. Typically, non-profits tend to build up relationships with their supporters by going through several actions. But End Citizens United was buying extensive lists and then asking people to make donations.

Non-profits tend to organize protests and such other events. They will circulate petitions. This is the way they would advocate for any legislation, or against it. They are looking at grassroots engagement with their supporters and not at soliciting money from them.

Besides, End Citizens United was sending these emails to those donors who had already funded several non-profits that were looking after campaign finance reform.

Hence these fundraising tactics by End Citizens United are not very common in the case of candidate campaigns or party committees. But this is being used as a way to keep engaged with the supporters too.




Andrew Rolfe’s Role in the Development of the Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief is the founder and the CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He was a regular speaker at high-profile events including the World Economic Forum. He raised a lot of money for the organization from donors. Lief soon came to the realization that the non-profit did not have a positive impact on the lives of people. The Ubuntu Education Fund is based in South Africa. It helps children in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province. Lief decided to change his strategy with regards to how the non-profit raised funds.

The first step was to decline grants from donors who placed restrictions on the manner that the money would be spent. He shifted his focus on the children and looked for the best ways to support them. The Ubuntu Education Fund works with family foundations and individuals with a high net-worth. They focus on donors who do not set limits and who give them freedom. The non-profit has a smaller budget, but Lief says that they are able to do more. This is because they have narrowed their scope and their focus. The Ubuntu Education Fund developed the Ubuntu model to meet its objectives. They collaborate with the communities and the families of the children to come up with plans for the children.

The plans are created to ensure that the future of the child is stable and that they do not fall into poverty. This is done by giving them access to better health and education. Donors prefer to serve on the boards of the organizations that they fund. This is because they want to have a say in the activities and the operations. The board of directors of the Ubuntu Fund is made up of businessmen and leaders from the UK, the USA, and South Africa. Andrew Rolfe serves as the chairman of the board. Rolfe is involved in guiding the boards towards discussions that help the board to meet its objectives. Rolfe was chosen to the board because of his expertise and his involvement. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief have been instrumental in the performance of the non-profit.