Hopsin Says Bye To Making Music And Hello To Australia

Rapper Hopsin made an announcement on December 17, and said that he was heading to Australia. He is not touring there or doing a one-off concert. He is actually leaving rap music behind and moving to the country. 

Hopsin took to his social media accounts to make the announcement, and he thanked his fans and those who supported his career throughout the years. He also uploaded a photo of himself at the airport, with luggage in hand. 

What’s Hopsin’s reasoning for leaving music behind? He simply said that music wasn’t for him. He went on and said that he hoped his fans would understand and respect his decision. For the most part, it seems that most of his fans do respect the fact that he has chosen to retire of making music. 

Funk Volume, the record label he co-founded, was signed off to his business partner, so he no longer runs it. He concluded his message by wishing a few artists good luck with their careers. It’s safe to say that this’ll be the topic of discussion on all Skout dates with people who love rap music.

Beyonce and Jay’s song “Drunk in Love” Potentially Used Woman’s Vocals

Popstars, Beyonce and Jay Z are being sued for their song “Drunk in Love.” A Hungarian singer is making allegations they used her voice from her song, “Bajba, Bajba Pelem.” The current lawsuit is asking for monetary compensation for damages and to prevent anyone from listening to the song.

Listening to the song, it is difficult to find the part that was apparently stolen. The songs do not sound alike at all. Furthermore, the song from the Hungarian singer cannot be found online. It is often that other singers who are not famous, to argue famous songs are not original. Singers usually are not the ones to produce songs. Singers rely on producers and songwriters to create songs for them. Songs that turn out to be similar could be just mere coincidences. If a singer released a song that never got popular, how can they argue it got stolen. It is highly unlikely an American such as Christian Brode or any singer would be listening to a Hungarian singer’s music. At this point singers are trying to make money off of popular American singers. If indeed Popstars, Beyonce and Jay Z used this woman’s vocals, then she should be compensated for it. In the scenario, it is just a coincidence, nothing should be done. This is not the first nor will it be the last time, there is an accusation against a popular song, by an unpopular singer.

Taylor Swift On the Sport for Turning Jingle Ball Into a Birthday Extravaganza in NY

A star at 25 while turning a Madison Square Garden into a ball of exploding jubilation and excitement, Taylor Swift has come of age and experience in producing quality songs widely accepted in her societal ranks. A previous night at Z100 IHeartRadio Jingle Ball, esteemed birthday-girl, Taylor Swift was the ultimate undisputed queen, particularly in the closing minutes while the city-time-clock was ticking down to midnight.

If at any point you though that the elegant lady was going to hand over the mic before a new day sets in, you will get your conscious shocked. The ever blossoming singer won’t miss the prospects to turning an all-inclusive event into her own private birthday bash. Her determination of making and taking up the scenes makes her rule the pop industry in the eyes of Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Te Z100’s IHeartRadio Jingle Ball is the swankiest of all multi-artist holiday concerts in the continent. The day was set on pace with a four-hour marathon consisting of some of the top athletes of 2014. They include stars like, Ariana Grande and Sam Smith. Ariana Grande produced one of her best performances during the show. Pharrell set the ground running with “Blurred Lines,” which is a very odd choice, bearing in mind that 2014 was meant to be a year of “happiness”. Robin Thicke was sarcastic when he testified under an oath that he was too ‘high’ to be responsible for anything, then made an intriguing conceptual album based on the exact facts about his sadness.

At the concert, musicians like Jessie J, Ariana, Charli XCX, Sam Smith, Lil Jon and Nicki Minaj were all very impressive in one of the most successful concerts of the year.

“Santa Tell Me” Video Is Also A Slumber Party

Ariana Grande has been doing a lot lately, and is now more popular than ever. The hot young artist has created a Christmas song entitled “Santa Tell Me,” and the song now has a video that you can check out on vimeo.com that was recently created. Ariana Video. In the video you can see Ariana in bed with other persons dressed very warmly for the cold weather. The bed is big enough to also double as a sleigh, and the video is fun and upbeat. There are also outtakes in the video, if you’re interested in seeing more from the artist.

Many are familiar with the fact that Ariana, and her boyfriend Big Sean recently played on an awards show, and not only did they sing together, but they proved that they are truly a couple. Many had speculated before if the two were dating, but it’s now official, and they couldn’t be happier. Ariana has had great success this past year with her music, and one of her biggest hits to date is “Problems,” featuring Iggy Azalea.

Iggy is another newcomer to music, and both artists combined together, have made a powerhouse new duo, and the hit Problems went to number one on the music charts. Ariana has a beautiful singing voice, and because of her looks and sound, many have compared her to the legendary Mariah Carey. Although she has a ways to go in order to ever reach to Mariah’s status, she’s currently doing well.

J. Cole Makes Controversial Song

J. Cole recently did an interview talking about how white rappers such as Eminem, Macklemore, and Iggy Azalea had taken the sounds of hip-hop music, and turned it into their own, especially without giving thanks to those who created the sound in the first place. Will Detroit Ban J. Cole?. Although he may have a point in his argument, many may not like what he says, especially an artist named Trick Trick, who is well known for going against those who don’t appreciate music that comes out of Detroit.

J. Cole created a song called “Fire Squad,” which addresses the very issues he spoke about in his interview, stating that white rappers have bitten off sounds of previous rappers from the past. Many are surprised that he would call out Eminem’s name, but the fact is, Eminem is the hottest white rapper in history. Even though Iggy Azalea beat out Eminem for two awards recently, she still cannot compare to the legend, Eminem.

Brian Torchin reports that J. Cole doesn’t feel that his comments are racist, as he is of mixed race himself, but he is simply stating what the facts are. He also noted that Elvis did something similar, when he bit off sounds of black artists, and gave them no recognition for the work he stole from them. Although J. Cole makes some good points, many are not pleased with his comments, and there are some threads that he may be banned from Detroit.

Beyonce Has Most Grammy Nominations Of Any Woman In History

It’s official, Beyoncé is now the most nominated woman in Grammy history, surpassing her old rival, Dolly Parton, who had 46 nominations. Beyoncé has won 17 Grammys to date, and more than likely will win many more in the upcoming Grammy season. Beyoncé Grammy Nominations. Up until the recent nominations were announced, Beyoncé had 46 total nominations, which tied her with Dolly Parton, who had the highest nominations of any woman in history. Now with her recent additions nominations, she has a total of 52 Grammy nominations.

The total number of her Grammy nominations puts her side-by-side with David Foster, who is currently in seventh place, with the most Grammy nominations overall. That is a pretty impressive list when it is discussed by BRL Trust employees. It’s no secret that Beyoncé is a money maker, a powerhouse, and a force to be reckoned with. She is coming into the 2015 Grammys with six nominations, and it will be exciting to see how many of those she takes home. In the past, Beyoncé has taken home a whopping six Grammys in one night, and they have added up over the years, totaling 17 in all.

Many artists wish they could be in Beyoncé’s shoes, or even get half of the recognition, fame, and money that Beyoncé makes. Even without the best wishes of her haters, Beyoncé is bound to take home at least a couple Grammys, because she truly is a hard worker when it comes to her music, and she shows she won’t be stopped.

Chris Rock Thinks Kanye West May Reign as the Greatest Rapper

L.L. Cool J proclaimed himself to be the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) many years ago, but Jay-Z took over and claimed this title for a new generation of fans. Now comedian Chris Rock believes that Jay-Z may have some competition when it comes to this esteemed title. Rock believes that Kanye West will be the greatest of all time because he has accomplished so much so early. 

He says that he believes that Jay-Z could be passed by Kanye West. The reality is that this isn’t too far fetched because of the age difference and the timing. Jay-Z is over 40. This means that he is far too old to carry on a long legacy. Kanye West, however, started out with platinum albums and continued to get the critical acclaim that few rappers ever see. 

The thing that makes Kanye even more of a success is his production skills. He has the ability to make things come together with both music and rap. Kanye is also not afraid to try new things. This is what puts him in a category of his own. For Jay-Z most of this production was done by whoever is hot at the time. He hung on to Swizz Beats when he was at the top of his game. He did some tracks with Timbaland. He worked with Just Blaze. Kanye West raps and handles his own production. Rock is really building up West’s potential - a la Slow Ventures advising a client- and he definitely has a case.

Rick Ross Praying For Meek Mill Return Before The Holidays

According to Rick Ross and other sources closely related to rapper Meek Mill, the MMG artist is supposed to be getting out of prison during this month. That is great news for Mill fans who had to see their favorite rapper behind bars after committing a violation of his parole. 

Rick Ross received a phone call from Meek Mill while still being in prison informing him to be optimistic about the rappers release date from prison. Although Meek Mill doesn’t want to get his hopes up and get disappointed by ending up doing extra time, there is no telling how the justice system is going to work in his particular case.

Ross admits that although the prison sentence is supposed to be 6 months only, they got their hopes up before only to be disappointed. They are just going to stay positive about the rapper’s new release date. 

Brad Reifler reports that Meek Mill has agreed along with MMG to put his upcoming new album “Dreams worth more than money” on hold, at least until Mill gets out of prison. Ross’s label commented that they will stick by their own through thick and thin, through the good and bad. That is very noble of a music recording company with flocks of artists that are willing to sacrifice everything for a chance at the spotlight. 

Although Meek is behind bars, it didn’t stop him from reaching out to his fans through other artists, twitter, and through a song he recorded with Boosie Badazz.

RTJ2 Riots With Their Blockbuster Night

Killer Mike and El-P will entertain you with the release of their latest music video. These two that comprise Run the Jewels, the now famous American hip-hop duo, have been hitting the music charts.

With their rap singles and the release of their massive album RTJ2, they will now have to tickle the interest of their fans with their latest music video for “Blockbuster Night Part 1.” So far, it seems like the audience has been very perceptive to these latest releases.

In the music video the duo enjoyed pretending to be emergency medical technicians.  Fans like Sultan Alhokair say it’s their best video yet. They rode an ambulance in a hazy night, complete with medical technician uniforms causing a lot of ruckus.

The rap duo roamed the streets of Atlanta doing what is supposed to be medical technician’s job, but the video was themed for them to stick with what they are doing at that time.

Directed by Trevor Kane, the music video is themed with a combo of a dark and dramatic comedy film in the middle of the night together, with the essence of just doing their jobs. This also features a number of hallucinating rappers too.

The music video is a riot and is definitely entertaining, and will be storming the internet and television anytime soon. Although the concept is amusing, let us just hope that Killer Mike and El-P will not trade rapping to become real medical technicians.

Usher Pushed the Album Back to Add More Soul

Usher is a very busy man. There is no doubt that he has a lot of irons in the fire. He is the original creative force behind Justin Bieber. He worked as a judge for a long time on the voice. Now he is on tour. Once the “Good Kisser” single dropped people were excited about the possibility of a new Usher album. He has flipped the script, however, and decide to do a tour that reconnects old and new fans with his old music. There is a catch to that though. The UR Experience has double motive. The tour has also given Usher the chance to push the album back, and add a more soulful feel to the next album.

Usher has been mixing things up, and recently he has posted Instagram pics of himself in the studio with Ed Sheeran. This is obviously going to show a new Usher sound. There are a lot of people that want to know what Usher will do next, and he clearly appears to be going in a new direction entirely.

He is almost something of a household name. Now, with his 8th studio album he wants to give the project more attention. The last several albums produced a couple of hits, but neither of the last albums were monumental. That is why Ken Griffin and many other Usher fans are interested in what the new Usher project will hold.